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  1. zgreiker

    Well, I've been riding for about 6 years - never dropped a bike, never went down (a couple close calls but nothing major).

    Today, I decided to take my 1300 out for a little before the rain came. Before I left I wanted to adjust my highway pegs since they've been folding up on me when I wasn't resting on them (they were at a bad angle). I got everything straightened out and got the bike out into the driveway ready to go waiting for my fiancee to be ready.


    Needless to say, bike went down on the left side, not hard as I realized it before it got all the way down. I thought, "eh, whatever, no big deal." So I picked her up and put the kickstand down. About five minutes later, we ready to roll and i started it up and when i went to shift, it felt like my peg was too close to my foot.

    I decided I better double check things and tried to adjust them. Nothing I did got them in the right place. I then realized the heel shift peg was rubbing the transmission. Low and behold, i noticed the floorboard wasn't level.

    I got the bike back into my garage and noticed that my PCS 3" extension was twisted and in a strange position. Here's some pics below of my "accomplishment." It looks like I'm going to have to put out a few $ for new extenstions, or at least a new piece.

    So, all you brand new riders remember - PUT YOUR KICKSTAND DOWN BEFORE GETTING OFF THE MOTORCYCLE.

    Lesson learned!

    (I hope you all get a decent laugh out of this. As p!ssed as I was about this, things could always be worse.)

    Another angle:

  2. Silwerato5x5

    I feel for you, I am brainstorming a relay circuit that will chirp a warning sound when the key is off, the bike is in neutral and the kickstand is still up.

    There are options to this, who knows maybe I can market a $200 kit for $2 in parts.

  3. MigejCojode

    Thanks for sharing! It's life's little screw-ups like this that help all learn from each others mistakes.

  4. meche

    Been there, done that. FortuNadely, the handlebars caught on my car, and the bike started going down while I was still over it. Still, not a good feeling, though.

  5. yajpirt246

    Been there, done that. FortuNadely, the handlebars caught on...

    Man, which is worse....dropping your bike in the driveway, or taking out your car in the process?

    I've also dropped mine(I felt it start going but couldn't stop it, but was able to "slow it down").

    Anyway, it's things like that that get our attention and help to prevent bigger mistakes. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Goadlocger69

    Been there done that and it only took me about a year or so

    Feel for ya and hope she's back on the road soon.

  7. Shebhertezz

    Been there too! I remember last year when someone had started a thread about whether you've had to pick up a dropped bike solo. Of course, I responded that I hadn't and sure enough the very next day while I was parking Silver Girl in the garage between the two cars, I forgot to put down the kickstand. FortuNadely she went down on the side opposite where my car was and furthermore my husband's care wasn't parked in the garage or it would have been damaged. It's a pretty tight fit between the two cars.

    So I had to go on the forum and eat crow. But I was able to report that I picked my bike up solo for the first time.

    zgreiker, sucks that you had that damage tho! Silverado, you're always thinking up things, you little genius...

  8. SdeweinFL

    Sorry you hurt your bike, man. Many years ago, I dismounted without bothering to put my kickstand down.

    UnfortuNadely the automatic kickstand device failed to function.

    Luckily it was a dirt bike, so no biggie. It is a miracle I survived those years. (I'd consumed WAY more beer than any 5 people should have.) Now I do stuff like that stone cold sober!

  9. Silwerato5x5

    Been there too! I remember last year when someone...

    Just off the top of my head what I would try to achieve is a 5 second "Chirp-chirp-chirp" that would start as soon as a coil is de-energised like when the headlight goes off and wired in inconjunction with the kickstand switch when its up, not difficult, Radio Shack would have everything. Drop the stand, chirp ceases. have to make it compact, plug and play and reliable or more to the point idiot proof.

    Ideally a personal mini recorder with a voice "Kickstand is up, dumbnut" or something could be used, or can be modified with any type of a message.

    Ebay sells interesting used avionics with voice prompts or commands.

    First girl that hops on MY bike may hear "Retract landing gear"

  10. meche

    Man, which is worse....dropping your bike in the driveway, or...

    The car actually kept it from going all the way, and didn't get scratched. No vehicles were hurt in the almost dropping of my bike.

  11. tunc

    sorry about the mishap you had
    glad not to much damage
    but we have all had a little mishap im sure so dont feel alone in doing it

  12. zgreiker

    Actually, i caught it, not the car - so like someone else said when they had the same problem23, it went down slow. UnfortuNadely, it didn't go down slow enough. I'll be ordering another extension kit and hopefully be out by next weekend. It kinda sucks that we've had incredible weather this weekend (unlike the forecast showed) and I can't ride .

    on another note - Does anyone know the difference between the SS Custom Cycle kit and the PCS? Shane's sells for $108 while the PCS kit is only $75. The extension kit is the only thing i've ordered from PCS and I've ordered a number of items from Shane and really like the service there. I was really wondering if there's better quality with Shane's kit as opposed to the PCS kit which twisted rather easily.


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