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  1. EMT4417

    I have installed led turn signals all around on my bike, they both flash at the same time when I turn on my turn signals, I have read the 650ccnd website and it says to either do a diode mod with the parts from radio shack or another mod uses a mechanical flash assembly from napa. My question is do I need to do both or can I pick one or the other? I would rather do the napa flasher because I think it sounds easier to do. They do both flash at the same time and they flash faster than normal. Thanks for all your help on this site as I am trying to get my bike ready for the summer riding months. I know I have asked quite a few questions but we all have to start somewhere... Again thanks for all of you that have been helping me figure out this bike.

  2. retzdaret

    The diode is to stop bleeding threw the turn signal so they don't all blink at the same time no matter what side you turn on, the flasher modual is to slow it down.

  3. EMT4417

    The diode is to stop bleeding threw the turn signal...

    Bummer so it looks like I need to do the diode mod at least. I read the directions on 650ccnd and was totally lost... Maybe if I read them and have the speedometer taken off right in front of me I can understand them. Thanks for your quick reply.

  4. girgnt1zbt

    The diode mod is what you need. It really shouldn't be hard to do.
    But, all I did, instead of taking the time to wire in diodes, was just cut the wires going to the indicator in the speedometer, and that kept it from bleeding through. Only thing is, I don't have a signal indicator anymore, but to me, that's not really a big deal, all the signals work like they're supposed to.

  5. EMT4417

    Ok I figured out how to mount the new front signals, I already have the rear mounted and wired. Before I started the front, the rears turned on with the key as running lights, NOW that I have hooked up the front NONE of my turn signals will come on as running lights nor will they flash. Please help. I have LED front and rear signals, they are both 2 wire with a body ground. I have attached blue to both, and green to one and brown to the other just like I did in the rear. I do have a black wire hanging from the headlight that I have tried touching random places on the bike hoping all I needed to do was ground that wire. but it didn't help. The headlight works just fine. Please help. Maybe give me a color coded description on where all the wires in the headlight bucket go to. I have the wiring diagram but I cannot read the writing on it.

  6. yhennlj

    If I'm remembering correctly, my front signals have a third "run" wire. I think my set up color wise is same as yours, except the extra black wire you've mentioned, I connected to a third "run" wire on each of the signals. I believe mine is black, brown, blue, on one side, and black, green, blue, on the other. I'm no wiring expert, so maybe someone will chime in with an answer for the two wire set up for the front signals. Here is a link for a wiring diagram that is color coded.

  7. EMT4417

    If I'm remembering correctly, my front signals have a third...

    So did you run two wires into one? Like black and blue together or black and brown together??

  8. yhennlj

    I'm running on very little coffee this morning, so bear with me. My front signals have one black and two reds for each light, and I can't remember exactly which ones coming from the bike I tapped into. I do remember the brown blue black/ green blue black, but that's as far as my little brain will take me right now. As soon as I've managed to chug a bit more coffee, and it warms up some, I'll go look and see if I can tell where I connected what.

  9. EMT4417

    So did you run two wires into one? Like...

    I'm running on very little coffee this morning, so bear...

    The way I wired the rear signals is this... Blue is the running lights so blue to one wire, Dk Green is rt turn so dk green to the other wire, on the other side I hooked up another blue, then the brown for the left turn. I didn't have to ground anything. When I hook up the new led's in the front, it makes the ones in the rear go out. BUT when I hook up the stock turn signals on the front the rears work fine. So it makes me believe that some how some where it has to do with a ground.

  10. yhennlj

    The green and blue/brown and blue sounds fine, I'm just drawing a blank right now for the other.

  11. shadowmib78

    I'm running on very little coffee this morning, so bear...

    From the wiring diagram here is how you do it.

    Both blue wires go to the running lights +12Vdc turned on by the key .. if there isnt a wire off the bike specifically for that, you can splice into the headlamp circuit..
    Green goes to the right turn signal +12Vdc (switched)
    Brown goes to the left turn signal +12Vdc (switched)
    Both black wires runs to a ground circuit.. Find a dedicated ground wire, don't ground to the chassis. The factory lamps should have a dedicated ground wire ran to them already, so that shouldn't be a problem.

    IF they flash really fast, then you will need to put a load resistor between the lamp and ground.

    Lamp instructions should explain this for you.

  12. yhennlj

    Thanks for helping him out. My brain runs on autopilot until I get several cups of go juice in me

  13. EMT4417

    From the wiring diagram here is how you do it....

    You are correct on the wire colors, but my new led turn signals only have two wires. The mounting shaft acts as the ground. So I have hooked the blue to one and the brown or green to the other, Not sure what to do with the ground wire thats coming from the headlight plug

  14. bkman

    If you are certain that your new lights ground through the mounting hardware, you may find it necessary to attach a ground wire to the forks somewhere and jump it back to the bike's frame. Grounding through the neck doesn't always work real well, and can cause all sorts of intermittent issues down the road.

  15. EMT4417

    ok I have found out that if I jump the black wire over to the green or brown wire it will turn the front and rear running lights on. BUT I do not have any turn signal function or brake light. Here is a diagram of what I have done. Did I fry my flasher by connecting that black wire with it? Would a bad flasher also stop my brake light from working?

  16. EMT4417

    If you are certain that your new lights ground through...

    I have tried taking a wire directly from my negative battery post to the mounting hardware with no change... I am super stumped, its going to be 69 degrees on my birthday tuesday and I can't figure out my bike.

  17. bkman

    According to the information in your last post, you've shorted the turn signal wire to ground by connecting the dark green and black wires together. That should have blown the fuse for the associated circuit, which may possibly have included the brake light (not sure on your bike).

    I have found out that if I jump the black...

    I may be missing something , but this suggests to me that the black wire coming out of your new light is a GROUND. Are you absoultely certain that these lights are dual-intensity? The black wire from the bike should not be connected to anything if the lights ground through the mounting stems. Have you tried grounding the black wire from your new lights to the bike frame or battery post? That might help confirm what is going on here.

    Its not unheard of, but a little bit uncommon to see afterMarget lighting that ground only through the mounting bracket. I'm not trying to challenge your assesment - this is your bike and your lights - but everything you've said thus far seems to suggest that these ligihts are single-intensity lights with one positive wire and one ground wire each. When you connect your black bike wire to the black light wire, it lights up. That is exactly what should happen in the above case.

  18. EMT4417

    According to the information in your last post, you've shorted...

    They are not dual intensity, they are steady on when acting as running lights and flash when acting as a turn signal. If I do not put the black wire with the green or brown wire my rear running lights don't work. I am at a loss.

  19. bkman

    Okay, now we're getting somewhere. Your bike's OEM wiring is designed for dual-intensity (or dual-filament / three wire) lamps up front. You can not connect the black wires from the bike to anything other than a ground, which is probably the black wire on your new lights. To confirm this, just connect the light blue bike wires to your yellow light wires and the black bike wires to the black light wires. Turn the key on and you should have front running lights.

    The rear lights work when you ground the front brown and green wires because they are probably back-feeding through the turn signal circuit - which would also explain why your turn signals don't work. The rear lights, if the bike's OEM wiring is still intact, are turn signals ONLY - they are not supposed to be on all the time.

    If you leave the green and brown wires disconnected up front, and connect the light blue and black wires to the new LED lamps, you should have front running lights and NO running lights in the rear (other than the taillight). Then, check for blown fuses - I am guessing you probably have one for the brake / turn signal lights.

    Where does this leave you? Well, if I am correct, you are going to need to wire the front signal lights as turn signals or running lights, but not both. That means the black bike wires and either the light blue or the brown / green wires will be connected, but not all of them. To do both would require different lights or some real creative wiring modifications. In most cases, it is better to just buy the correct LED lamps. You can get many of these things at, or other online vendors for relatively little money.

    As for the brakelight not working, I really think you blew your fuse when you shorted those brown and green wires to ground (which is definitely what you did when you connected them to the black bike wires).

    Most people find that, when they've replaced all four corner lights with LEDs, that all four lights blink, no matter which direction you've chosen on the turn signal switch. This can be corrected by a wiring modification at the meter case (speedometer) or you can use load equalizers - which is easier. Once you get the wiring sorted out for your new lights, we can move on to that issue, but its not as bad as it sounds.

  20. EMT4417

    Okay, now we're getting somewhere. Your bike's OEM wiring...

    bkman, I kneel down in front of you and worship you HA HA.... Thank You SO MUCH. I got them all figured out thanks to you. They do however all blink at the same time which I knew would happen. I did have a few blown fuses but that was an easy fix. OK now on to getting the turn signals to work right. If you would be so kind to walk me though that I would buy you a beer lol


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