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Leaky tire

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  1. 1CuzdominFL

    I put a new d404 on the front of my 1100 about 500 miles ago. When I was going to work yesterday, I noticed when I was backing out of my driveway that the front felt kinda mushy. Couldn't see much at 5:30am so I took the cage to work and checked it later. I aired it up to 40psi, sprayed it down with soapy water, and I couldn't see a leak, nor do I see any obvious signs of a problem with the tire. I even sprayed around the spokes and valve stem and nothing coming out there either. I did notice though that I lost about 2psi in a little over an hour, so I'm thinking whatever it is it's minor.

    I'm considering throwing some slime in it to see if it helps. I figure if it doesn't work the tire's gonna have to come off anyway and at least get a new tube. Obviously if I do this I'd ride it for a few miles to make sure the slime gets distributed evenly throughout the tube.

    Anyone have any comments about this, yay or nay and why?

    Thanks in advance

  2. micg10

    remember, the slime is only a temperary fix, personally i'm not a big fan of it. if your not able to repair it yourself (like me), i would recommend you have it checked out and repaired properly. you will have more confidence in the tyre fixed than patched up!

  3. zliter

    Did you check the schrader valve to make sure it was tight? I would remove it and check to make sure the seal is still good and smooth then reinstall it and make sure it is tight. Then air up the tire and recheck the pressure after a couple of hours to see if it is holding. If it is still leaking down I would pull the tube and either find the hole or replace the tube.

  4. 4mrAkankmpr

    I am not a fan of the green slime as a solution. I had some in the tubes of one of my earlier bikes and picked up a hairpin in the rear tire. The green slime prevented any repair patch adhereing to the tube. The cost of transportation back-and-forth from the bike to the bike shop was an unnecessary expense I don't want to duplicate.


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