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Las Vegas Turkey Run 2009

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  1. JuzdJoe

    So I went on my first orginized ride yesterday. I had a lot of fun doing it too. A Local group called the Red Riders apparenlty hosts a Thanksgiving themed Poker run right around this time every year. A friend of mine shot me an email saturday night and let me know about it and invited me to go out and ride with her group, Women in the Wind. I got to ride with a group of wonderful ladies.

    The weather was beautiful, one of the great things about vegas is, it might get cold, but its a dry cold. It wasent even all that cold yesterday either. A little cloud cover in the early afternoon but other wise nice and sunny all day.

    As much fun as we had, there was a down side. On the way to one of the stops, we were riding under an over pass, and as rode under we came up to an off ramp from said over pass. a moron in a car acted like they were going to turn right and travel in front of us so we slowed down. Then they acted like they were just gonna sit there and not do anything till we passed, and we slowed still (cause you never can tell) then just as the group leader was about 15 feet from them the car shot out to make a left hand turn and stopped damn near in the center of the road because they botched the turn (Having pointed their car to make a right hand turn previously, they didnt have enough road to complete the uturn that they were just about making) Lead Bike locked up her rear brake to avoid hitting the dumb car and stopped only about an inch short of impact because she cranked her front wheel to the side at the last min. She almost kept it up, but the bike ended up falling and the car completed its 3 point turn in the middle of the road and sped off. One of the other ladies in the group sped off after the car and apparenlty with the help of 2 big rigs got her to pull over. Little bit of cosmetic damage to the bike. No serious injury. We spent about an hour on the side of the road while the highway patrol got things sorted out (there was wackyness with the car drivers info that I didnt bother even trying to figure out)

    Ended up not hitting the last couple of stops, My poker hand at that point sucked anyway, 2,3,9. rode straight to the end and had some nice turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. Despite the incident I had a really good time. It was very intresting to see group riding for the first time. I learned that I am apparently really really gentle with my throttle, the rest of the group would take off from a stop like a bolt and I would have to play catch up. There was one other Yamaha rider in the group and I cant for the life of me remember her name.

    All in all a good time and Im looking forward to doing it again the next time I get a chance (Minus the dumb cager)

  2. JuzdJoe

    Heres the NHP officer that was helpin us out.

    Waitin on the side of the road, Made for a good picture though.


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