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  1. 9Sdarz

    I'm interested in the forward controls, where you bought them and part number. Thanks
    It looks like he has the Jardine controls. This listing says they are for the Strat and Roadie but they are pictured on our bike.

    But Dennis Kirk just got a whole bunch of new ones from another company. They are a little more expensive though.

  2. yajpirt246

    I used the Baron Air Ride system for the v-star 1100. The front is still stock, but eventually I throw the progressive springs on.
    That is one sexy bike my friend. I have a similar vision for mine. My question is this, how difficult was the air ride???

  3. zlankinambpankin

    Thanks for looking!


  4. zlankinambpankin

    The air ride wasn't to bad. The system was actually designed for the 1100. All I had to do was chop a mounting bracket inside so the shock had clearance. I'm pretty sure manufaturer's make them for the 1300 now. Then I mounted my switches on the left side cover so I could adjust my ride on the fly.

  5. zlankinambpankin

    Yeah, I ordered the controls from SS custom cycle. They 're made by Jardine, however they had to be adjusted by SSCC to fit the 1300. Definately nice for out on the highway, because you're feet will set farther ahead than stock. Thanks for looking.


  6. zlankinambpankin

    The bars are from Carlini Designs in California. They are 1.25" thickness, and 16" on the height. Thanks for looking.


  7. zlankinambpankin

    I don't have a part number, but if you go to and go to products then accessories then forward controls you will see them. Thanks for looking.




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