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Kury ISO grips install help

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  1. dubeb27

    I installed the Kurakyn ISO grips last evening, which went pretty smooth except I forgot to put the spacer on the left side grip. Should I attempt to remove the grip after being glued on...etc. to get the spacer in there? If so, what is the best way without damaging the grip? How come the right side doesn't need a spacer?

  2. TheGoltj

    I'm not sure what that spacer actually does except prevent you from pushing the grip on too far. If it was me, I wouldn't worry about it. On mine, I know I cut the spacer just a bit too short, but it didn't seem to make a bit of difference, so I just left it that way and glued the grip on.

  3. FretReit

    I found that without the spacer the end of the grip feels very spongy. If this is not a problem for you then just leave it like that. Otherwise remove it and use glue that you would find at any home store.

  4. bevo844

    if you can manage to take off and remove the grip without destroying it, then putting it back on will not be as secure a fit as when you first installed it. that spacer is primarily just so that each grip will be in the same position on the handlebar.

  5. Goadlocger69

    I agree with the others; check to see if there is a loose spongy feeling at the end and if it bothers you. Then decide if you want to risk damaging the grip trying to get it off.

    If you want to take the grip back off then get a long piece of thin metal; I used the small straight slot screwdriver to get my OEM grips off. CAREFULLY insert the metal between the grip and the bar and slowly work your way around the grip until you loosen it enough to come off. This "How-To" might has pictures

  6. 488tman

    Yeah it's for positioning, I wouldn't worry about it.

  7. FretReit

    Yeah it's for positioning, I wouldn't worry about it....

    When you push the grip all the way up on the handlebar there is a space of about one and a half inches from the end of the handlebar to the end of the grip. This is what will cause the sponginess in the rubber at the end of the grip since there will be no backing to hold this part of the rubber. The purpose of the spacer is to provide this backing.

    If you cut the spacer a little too short there is very little negative effect. If there is no spacer you will feel sponginess in the rubber at the end of the grip.

  8. wowgbmc

    Didn't use the spacer on mine and they are fine.

  9. TheGoltj

    If you cut the spacer a little too short there...

    That would explain why mine seems fine. I cut it just a mm or two short, but put it in anyway. No issues whatsoever.


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