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  1. pikdhirdj

    figured i'd take the time to say hi to everyone and introduce myself.

    I'm a 24 year-old from ohio who rides a 2006 V star classic 650 and is currently restoring a 1974 yamaha 650 xs with my dad. My dad rides a 1100 Classic as does my grandpa and my great uncle. In my spare time I like to shoot skeet and target shoot with my Ruger 10/22 custom.

    I'm here to learn as well as contribute!!


  2. mvellz553

    Howdy. FYI skeet is always in season in Texas. )

  3. wzdar6

    welcome aboard you sound like a rootin' tootin' shoot-um up iron horse cowboy. the site seems to be growing and getting better every day. i'm sure learning plenty. wish i had found this site before buying a bike. would have hear the pros and cons of different bikes. wish i had bought a bike sooner i know my dad would have had to have one too.(passed away 2 years ago) may the bond you share with your dad and uncle grow stronger. ride on!!


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