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Just received my Jafrum saddlebags!

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  1. Ragg2

    I received my Jafrum saddlebags a day early and am stoked about getting them on. I purchased supports a while back on ebay. The Jafrum website says I dont need supports with these bags but wouldn't it be a better idea to use them?

    I took them out of the box and after looking them over I discovered something very interesting. I have NO idea how to put them on and there wasn't any instructions in the box.

    The bags came with three leather strings. One on each bag and on through the holes on top. I see that the top ties to together and is adjustable and the other two are to tie to the frame or the supports but what keeps the bags from sliding off the fender? Do i have to have a rear seat? My bike only has the driver seat (Previous owner lost it). Also I noticed after I put them on the way I thought they would go on that the bags are resting on the pipes. While I can move the bag off the pipes they slide right back on the pipes.

    Here's a link to the bags I bought:

    Do you think a leather shop would be able to install quick release buckles on them?

  2. retzdaret

    First off, I can't bring up your link, but I assume they are basically standard style bags. Yes you will need a seat or something like a rack or bib over the bags to hold them on. The other option of course would be Easy Brackets.

    They would fix both of your problems because of the way they mount the bags to the brackets with bolts. You can set them at any height. and it would hold them on with bolts to your fender struts. They also would be removable with a key. They are not cheep, but are a great solution.

    You will absolutely want to get a couple of inches between the bags and the pipes so the bags and what ever you put in them does not melt or burn. If you don't use Easy Brackets, you will have to shorten the trap between the 2 bags to achieve this.

  3. Ragg2

    Sorry the link didn't work. They are the SD2056s. I have the basic 'U' shaped supports and they work great for keeping the bags away from the wheel they side back and forth.

    I'm guessing the trap is the hard plastic piece between the two bags that tie together. Do you just tie them to each other or do you also tie them off to something?

  4. retzdaret

    All the bags I've seen you just tie together. But with you not having a back seat, you will have to get creative. maybe you can tie them to the bolt at the back of the drives seat.

  5. MigejCojode

    One of the laces is for lacing the center. The center should have a double row of holes allowing three different height settings (actuall 5 if you are creative) the other two are supposed to hold down the front of the bag. Tie it to your supports.

    Here are a few links that might help:

  6. Ragg2

    Thanks for the info Mikey. A buddy of mine that has a 00 Custom let me borrow the passenger seat till I get one myself. Everything seemed great. Took them on a quick ride to test out the height and what not. Went to the store for a few things. These bags are HUGE!!!

    Now for the bad news. While opening the non quick release straps one of the
    metal stems broke

    I looked at the others and they are really thin and flimsy. Going to call a local leather shop here in town and see if he can install quick releases in and see if he can fix that broken stem before I send it back.

  7. MigejCojode

    look for a tandy leather dealer near you and you can put a stronger buckle in there. I know the guys here will let you use their display machines if you are persuasive enough. They've got some cool conchos to dress it up with too.


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