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Just got home with new 950 :)

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  1. TerrjB

    Picked her and drove 45miles home. Was smiling the whole time. Couple of things.

    1. Getting used to floor boards. The right floor board after 30min of tingling my foot. Normal for boards?
    2. My butt was also little numb after while. New seat in the future
    3. The sound was low rumble but when going through the gears and raising the rpm's it seemed to whine at higher rpm, normal?

    Ill pictures up soon.

  2. HRNemeziz


    Never have had any problem with boards, I usually take breaks every hour because of seat. Sending mine out to to have double memory foam upgrade dont to it on the 25th ($140.00). Will let you know how it feels. And, yes, mine is a little whiny or I might describe it a a ticking. This is apparently normal for many folks. Also considering exhaust mod but don't want to void my warranty right away.

    Ride safe.

  3. Pekklez

    Congrats on the new bike!! I don't notice a problem with the floorboards. My butt gets sore right at 250 miles!! Around town it feels great. I think you will get used to it. I did the mod to the exhaust, so love how mine sounds.

  4. Rop123

    Changed out my floorboards to the chrome ones and they vibrate a bit more than the stock black rubber pads but look sweet........some are changing to the Mustang seat, depending on individual's butts (lol)......finally, lugging in the wrong gear will make the engine rumble a bit, so best to be in the right gear and from what the mechanics say, better to whine out in a lower gear a bit that to lugg along in a high gear.

    Good luck and ride safe!

  5. puppaco

    Congratulations on getting your ride. Seems theres more and more 950 owners showing up...good to see.

    I don't get much vibration through my footboards. Maybe my boots help? I'm guessing.

    My butt did get a bit sore on the one ride of any length I've taken so far, about 110-120 miles.

    I don't notice anything wrong with the exhaust, but it certainly don't sound like a harley. Some have said they notice a difference after their first service, I just picked mine up from service (700mi) and it sounds just like it always has.

    Enjoy that new bike and ride safe!

  6. tyzcarap

    Sounds normal, except for the floorboard thing. You'll get used to them. You will find the best place for your foot to naturally rest comfortably.

    Welcome! and congrats on the 950!!!

  7. Shebhertezz

    Congratulations! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 950! She's my BFF! You will love yours also!

    I don't have problems with vibrations off the floorboards but I too wear a good thick soled boot. I stop every hour for a break so my seat doesn't get too sore. But I will get the dealer to bring my handle bars back further at my first service. I'm hoping it will help straighten my posture more and ease things on my butt. I'm going to give one riding season before I decide to change out the seat. It may just need to break in.

    Yes she will chug if your rpms are too low and she does whine at higher rpms. I'm still learning where her "sweet spots" are. But in 5th gear at 100 kmph (not sure what that is in mph - 65?), she purrs...


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