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Just got her today! 02 Warrior

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  1. Retlikhd

    Just signed the paperwork today. Got her at a steal for $6500 with 17,000 miles. Man, is she clean and powerful!

    I really didn't know that the Warrior is THAT powerful!

    She's got the Speedstar Exhaust, Intake and the Drag Bars. The guy also threw in the Warrior Cover and the front fairing!

    I got on the highway with her today to push it a little and I was actually surprised at how well the bike accelerated.

    It's way more powerful than the VTX1300 I was considering!


  2. chilibebber

    Nice ride...congrats....stay safe

  3. Kos

    Nice Bike, Nice Grin (smerk), Ride Safe (maybe you should have brought a gun to that deal)

  4. Jonezpoj

    Nice scoot, welcome and ride safe.

  5. Trollpj

    Welcome Aboard!


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