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  1. Hapu889

    Well after riding home from work today I figured I would mow the lawn since it rained over the weekend but dry today. Then wanted to finally switch my bike to synthetic oil and learn how to do it with this bike. My old '82 Honda GL-500 I could do in about 8 minutes tops including changing the oil filter so I figured about half an hour for the job.
    Had the 5 Qts of Amsoil, Mobil-1 oil filter, filter wrench, socket for the drain plug and drain pan ready.
    Got home a little late and only got 1/2 of my acre lot mowed and decided to quit and change the oil.
    Got through the process and then after reinstalling the new oil filter & plug I decided to check the old PDF manual for the exact amount of oil, page 3-25 great. Then as I was reading on, I realize that I totally forgot about loosening the oil check bolts.
    It's getting dark and I do not want to do this by the Full Moon light tonight, so I just filled it to spec and ran it for a few minutes at idle as the book said. No leaks on the paper underneath, oil is just below the max.
    I wanted to ride tomorrow since it is going to be a nice day but when I read the part about the engine could seize. I just put it away for the night and got on the board and ask for the mercy of my fellow 950 owners for being so bone headed and not giving myself more time.

    So how long does it take to take off the engine cylender covers, brackets and fuel tank bolts so I can get to the oil check bolts? Thanks for any help.


  2. JozhH

    I've never bothered with doing that. It seems a little excessive to me.

  3. yhoower

    I don't do it either. If my engine light doesn't go off in the first 30 seconds after an oil change, I'll shut it off and start investigating. I agree JozhH, it does seems to be a bit excessive.

  4. kdbrich72

    I didn't do that either. Doing my 2k oil change in about 100 miles and I'm not going to do it then, either.

  5. recumpendpop

    I've never done it either and everything's fine.

  6. yhoower

    I did find something interesting when I was looking this up though. The owners manual doesn't list 20w50 an an approved oil for the 950 but the service manual does. Just thought I'd share that bit of info.

  7. Hapu889

    Thank you for the feed back guys. My engine light never really came on yhoower. Turned the ignition on, hit the start and the light went out. I am curious to see if the synthetic will do some of the thing I have read here.

    So it looks like the proof readers for the Owner Manual must not have read the service manual for 'just the fact man'

    Guess I'll take the beauty to work this morning. Forecast is for Sunny sky's and high in the upper 80's here in Pittsburgh.


  8. ciwilkuj

    have a great ride! don't worry about those oil check bolts - i highly doubt the dealer goes through that procedure when they change the oil.

    and regarding the synthetic, my dealer changed my oil at 3,000miles to the yamaha 20-50 full synthetic and told me that is all they offer for synthetic oil - and it is 100% acceptable to use in the 950.

    cost was a little high, maybe next oil change I will try amsoil...

  9. lem23

    Its still under warranty right, only reason to check those bolts it to make sure the oil pump is working.

  10. dartpoj5

    I did find something interesting when I was looking this...

    My owner's manual does list 20w-50 as an approved oil. It is an 09 model.

  11. recumpendpop

    My owner's manual does list 20w-50 as an approved oil....

    Look at the temperature chart in the owner's manual.
    I think that's where it is shown.

  12. yhoower

    Really tardboy, what page would that be on? I have an '09 and thought I'd looked every where.

  13. dke2

    Really tardboy, .......

    LOL, that's great.

    Man, if you're stupid, I'm a moron. I did a 700mile initial oil change at the begining of the season, and not only did I not check those bolts, I didn't even know that was a thing you were supposed to do until I read your post.

  14. recumpendpop

    I did find something interesting when I was looking this...

    On our 950T the owner's manual lists the 20W50 oil on page 9-1.
    It says Yamalube 4 10W40 or 20W50, SAE 10W40 or SAE 20W50 and there is a temperature chart also.

  15. yhoower

    Damn Bob your right!

  16. sawmillman31

    Oil check bolts? I have changed my oil twice and this is the first I have heard about them. I guess I should read my manual a little bit closer.


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