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Just bought a vstar 650 custom need help!

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  1. KSPILOT245

    I just got a 2005 650 custom with 5000 miles on it.
    It seems that the idle is set to will die if you don't keep the throttle
    open a do I set it up a notch? there suppose to be 3 holes in the bottom of the muffler..because
    when im going down the road and let off the throttle say coming to a stop sign,it starts making a poping noise like backfire but it's not a backfire..I hate it,I figure it's those small holes.
    I sur would love some input on my questions.
    Oh..Would Mobile one be a good oil to use in it?

  2. franciepapj

    go here, you will get more

  3. MigejCojode

    The idle can be turned up by turning the small thumb screw on the left hand side of the bike, below the tank, between the cylinders.

    The three holes, are they in the end cap of the muffler? If so then it sounds like the 3 hole mod.

    If it's backfiring with that mod then you should disable the AIS. Although you usually don't get much backfire with the three hole mod.

    I suspect that you may have a vacuum leak. The low idle and the backfiring are usually indicative of a vacuum leak. Look for disconnected vacuum lines first. If you can't find any look under the carbs on the left side at the intake runners. If they appear cracked or you can't find any vacuum leak take carb cleaner, wd 40 or propane to the bottom of the bike. With the carb cleaner and wd 40 spray it on the intake runners and around the vacuum lines. Stay away from the intake hole on the air cleaner. If the bike revs up when you spray it on a particular part then that's the culprit.

    Propane works the same way and is much cleaner. If you take a propane torch and take the torch end of it off you can open the valve (don't light it) and direct the gas to the components you want to check. Same as the wd 40 if it revs when you get near a component that is the likely cuplrit.

    Mobile 1 is used by many members here. As with any oils don't use those with friction modifiers. Our clutch is wet or in the engine oil and friction modifiers or "energy conserving" oils make it slip, or on rare occasions swell and not work at all.

  4. ace3750

    Hey mike, i think he is talking about the bottom of the body of the mufflers themselves, on my 04 classic thereare 3 small holes on the bottom of the muffler body, im guessing for each chamber of the muffler, possibly for pressure relief?

  5. MigejCojode

    Likely drainage. Perfect combustion produces water and co2, those holes are drains for that water.

    I still think he has a vacuum leak.

  6. ace3750

    Yea I agree with mike. I don't see how those holes would cause any backfiring, the low idle and stuff is very indicitive of a vaccume leak.

  7. KSPILOT245

    Mike thanks for the help..I guess those 3 holes in the bottom of the muffler are suppose to be there if I look inside the mufflers it looks like they punched out those round disks where you would drill the "3 hole modification"..will this cause any problem?
    Im going to run Mobile one I guess.
    Thanks for everyones input!

  8. MigejCojode

    Sounds gutted then and that would cause a problem. Still look for that vacuum leak.

  9. wzdar6

    if you are going to run mobil 1 look for the one that says v-twin you won't have to worry about the wet clutch problem. by the way it is a synthetic.


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