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  1. titan208

    while talking to some friends who are members of a Goldwing club, they mentioned that they have a list of chapters for each state and in each state is a list of members who a fellow rider could call in case of break down or to call and ask about good places to stay or eat or visit while in that area. These people could bring you some gas or bring a trailer instead of calling a tow truck to haul your bike to a shop and carry you to a hotel,motel. Its all done on a volunteer basis and done just to help out fellow riders whom might be in your group, forum friends or club.

    A list could be made here in the forum for each area of each state and fellow YMFer's could volunteer and put down thier areas that they could assist. Riders could print off the list of the states they would be traveling thru and carry it with them or keep that list in your phone.

    There are fellow riders who travel thru several states or just several hndred miles to another area of their state to get to places such as Sturgis or wherever and it could be helpful to know you have people on your trip who you could call on if needed.

    Of course there is no charge. strictly volunteer. its up to the volunteer how far they can travel.

    You should be a registered member here on the forum that way the volunteer would have some idea of who you are. (its easier to help someone when you have seen them on here and maybe even had some dealings with that person thru the forums.)

    If this could happen the moderators could make this a sticky or place it in its own section.

    Anyway it is just a thought.

  2. yhoower

    I think it's a good idea, just not sure how to make it work. Count me in if someone gets it going.


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