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  1. Troober

    I ordered my 250 watt Joetunes stereo system today. I sure hope it is as easy as it says. Will be posting info and pics as soon as it arrives. Will be installing on the 950T. Wish me luck....

    If anyone else is interested you can find it at:

  2. arecipo

    Looks cool Troober. Good luck with the install and I'm curious as to how it will sound. Let me know when you get installed and test it at highway speeds. Something similar is on my to do list.


  3. pjdor542

    Looks like a cool idea. I wonder if the bag will make it difficult to insert the ignition key.

  4. LasjDavk

    I have the JoeTunes system on my VTX and love it. I can hear it at Highway speeds but it does get somewhat drowned out with the ambient noises when wearing a Half Helmet. I hear it much better if I have a FF on, since that tends to block the wind on my ears, I hear the radio no problem then on the highway.

    Good luck with your install, Im sure you will like it.



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