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  1. ytaukh3214

    Hi my name is Jon and i am a new member on this forum. I have now owned a yamaha fj1200 for the past ten years and love to ride it .I am fifty years old but i have had a bike for the past thirty four years and i have a few others in various states of repair in my garage . I like to watch motorcycle racing on the box as my family commitments do not allow me to actually go to race meetings. When things go wrong with my bikes i usually just put them into a local workshop and get them to repair them but as i have a little bit more time now i would like to do the repairs myself as i used to do before i got married. If anyone has any tips on doing a service ,or any other major repair especially clutch problems then i would like to hear from you. I have had a few bikes in the past but i really do like the fj12 best . It handles very well and is a comfortable bike to ride ,and nothing seems to phase it . I am thinking of renwing it for a newer model but will still be a yamaha probably the fjr . Cheers Jon

  2. ritinktouple

    welcome,,from the show me state,,,,u will enjoy this forum,,,alot of info

  3. tillikaff

    Welcome to the forum.
    Good Luck & Good Riding

  4. MigejCojode

    Welcome and post often!

  5. Rocgj1

    Welcome from Oklahoma!

  6. vgink18054

    welcome from arkansas.
    you will find that this is a great place to hang out and get and give advise.

  7. Abozdle146

    this forum is great! welcome!

  8. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from Maryland

  9. retzdaret

    Welcome from Georgia. Ride Safe!

  10. micg10

    welcome from Australia, ride safe and often.

  11. alpj

    welcome jon from queensland australia

  12. Jonezpoj

    Welcome to the site and ride safe.

  13. ft38278

    Welcome to the forum, there's plenty of good people here to give info when you need it.

  14. nevzdarriter

    In Indiana we say "How Do" time to ride

  15. MarkF

    Welcome from Qld, Australia

  16. tunc

    me 2


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