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Jarden pipes

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  1. Yammj

    Check this leg cover (Fieldsheer Burngaitor) that fits over the riding pants to protect it from the exhaust:

  2. mhcruizer

    You can jet all you want, they will still burn you. I'm tellling you if you just ride in shorts you will learn much faster. You would have to have your leg up against it for a decent amount of time to burn through pants. It only took me about one second to realize my leg was against it.

    After sending Jardine another email including pics of bikes. They responded and they say it is a jetting/mapping issue. So Madirishman have you had yuor bike rejetted/remapped. Ours were fitted by the dealer and tuned to them from new. To Jardine to have a close look at how the heat sheild sits on back pipe and am awaiting there responce. Will let you know. Also had a reply from Cobra and the heat sheild they sell will not fit over Jardine heat sheild so no go there.

  3. pruizer

    Have fitted small heat shield off original pipes to jardine heat shield looks ok and seems to have done the job. Will still get rejetted and see how we go then. Will post some pics when done.



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