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  1. pruizer

    Have put a set of jardens on wifes custom and she is always burning leg, pants etc. Emailed Jarden asking if there was a better heat sheild for back pipe. No such thing from Jarden so thought I'd ask here if anyone else has had this problem and if there is a quick fix that looks good without changing pipes. At witts end and had enough of complaints from wife. Maybe I should bit the bullet and buy her the 950. Any help would be appreciated

  2. Yammj

    I have the same problem, keep forgetting to keep the leg away, burnt some holes in my riding pants. I was actually thinking about sewing a heat resistant material, if not, some sort of heat shield would be nice.

  3. pruizer

    Will have to do some reserch see if there is a way to modify or fit origanal heat sheild to pipes

  4. viltirizhman

    I'm having a very same problem, my calf muscle is finally healing up and like Yammj I've managed to burn thru two sets of riding pants. It's so bad that I carry a can of easy off for the material on the pipe? Definitely a problem, I was thinking that the heat shield should come away from the pipe than it does? Never burned myself on the stock set. Hope you find something in this thread that helps.

  5. retzdaret

    Wow, I got Jardines with just the included heat shields and have yet to burn threw my jeans. Nock on Wood . What kind of riding pants are you all wearing? You can also double up your heat sheilds. I know Cobra sells just the heat shields separately.

    These are 2 and 1/4 so they should have room to slip over the other ones.

  6. pruizer

    Has anyone tried these cobra heat sheilds. Would like to make sure before ordering as live in Australia. The wifes pants are dryriders wet weather. Pipes are fine with dragon jeans and leather pants as they are a snug fit. I have emailed Jardine and they were of no help, maybe we should all send them an email and see what they would like to do as it seems to be a common problem

  7. retzdaret

    You might just try using a kit like these on the rain pants. Rain pants is a different story. They will melt on all pipes.

  8. pruizer

    I've had no trouible with rain pants on my roadstar . I fell the heat sheild only covers top of jardine pipes and exposes lower half, have tried moving heat sheild to no avail it will only sit in 1 position. If you ask me I think it's a poor design and seems like Jardine are not interested in trying to fix. Maybe I should send Jardine a pick of how bad it looks. you can see exhaust bnlued without looking to hard. Maybe the heat sheild is faulty, does your heat sheild cover the pipe?

  9. pruizer

    I'll see if this will work.
    Trying to attach photo of pipes

  10. retzdaret

    I'm sorry, I can't tell what you are talking about from the pic. Where are you getting burned? On the top or bottom pipe?

  11. viltirizhman

    Ed, I have burned a set of rain gear and my calf, neither of which I did on my last set? It's the pipe on the second jug, the one close to your upper thigh? I agree with pruizer, it's a design flaw for sure. I am so paranoid when I come to a stop it's unreal. Hope this helps. Hey pruizer how do you like the crash bars you've got. I saw them at a yamaha show and wondered about whether they stuck you far enough?

  12. pruizer

    The wife is getting burnt from back pipe. you can see the blueing of pipe and how poorly the heat sheild fits. Back (Top ) pipe is full replacement front pipe is slip on so heat sheild is fine. She is getting burnt when stoped at lights and has leg down, not whilst riding but does say she can feel heat from pipe. have had bike check to make sure it's not running to hot and is fine according to our Yamaha dealer. Hope this clears it up to help you understand.

  13. pruizer

    Wildirish guy the bike is my wifes, I ride a roadstar. But i have same bars on my bike and we are both happy with them enough protection for engine and not over the top. prefur them to the large ones myself. The chrome guard on front really dresses it up alot don't you think.

    whoooo we are of the topic now heheee

  14. retzdaret

    Sorry I'm not much help on this. I have the Jardine drag pipes and have not had that problem. I think one of you is going to have to step out and be a pioneer on this one and try some different heat shields to see if it works.

  15. viltirizhman

    I agree with feeling the heat, even when I'm wearing jeans it can be uncomfortable at best, my thigh is medium rare at a stoplight . Anyhoo, yes I think it dresses the front end up, am looking at some Kuraklyn (sp) pegs with those!

  16. EazdVekaz

    Looks like the rear pipe is the problem, I can see where it could reach out and bite your leg.

  17. pruizer

    Still no responce from Jardine. emailed them same time I started this thread. I even told them to check out this website to see I'm not the only one with a problem. Oh well what can I say. I have wrapped back pipe with header tape and it did help a little but still hot. Has anyone tried the cobra heat sheild as yet? May have to put origanal pipes on. do you get a nice note with exhaust modes on 650, did mods on my roadstar and have a great sound on that.

  18. retzdaret

    I'm sorry to hear they have not been much help. You can improve the sound quite a bit by doing a 4 hole mod on your stock pipes. It's not as good as aftermarket pipes, but much better than stock.

  19. pruizer

    Thanks Redstar, at two minds, keep trying or modify origanal pipes. Maybe spend a little money and try cobra heat sheild, also emailed them and have had no reply as to weither it will fit. Will post pics here if I do try cobra heat sheild for others to check out.

  20. pruizer

    After sending Jardine another email including pics of bikes. They responded and they say it is a jetting/mapping issue. So Madirishman have you had yuor bike rejetted/remapped. Ours were fitted by the dealer and tuned to them from new. To Jardine to have a close look at how the heat sheild sits on back pipe and am awaiting there responce. Will let you know. Also had a reply from Cobra and the heat sheild they sell will not fit over Jardine heat sheild so no go there.


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