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J-Slam Preload... Your Final Answer?

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  1. jbrtwork20

    OK, I'm confused. The ever-popular J-Slam instructions posted on the Internets advises adjusting the shock preload "to 3 or 4 depending on weight to be carried." Yet, elsewhere it's often advised to adjust to 5, 6, 7, or...

    I weigh 220 lbs. because, by God, I'm an American! Those on this thread are generally a level-headed bunch and I'd trust the advice here. Since repositioning where the shock mounts increases preload wouldn't some of those settings be too much? What should the setting be?

    I've already set mine to 4 and ready to drill that hole.

  2. wildcatf5

    Mine is at 5 and I've done the slam. I've had it that way for about 5 months.

  3. irish9003

    from what I understand its up you how and what kind of roads you ride on I think that you would want it so you don't bottom out I am not slamed and running around 5 I ride two up and feels more comfortable to us.

  4. girgnt1zbt

    Ive run mine anywhere from 1-5, in the 1-3 range felt best to me (I was constantly changing it because I like to make changes to things when Im bored lol).
    Im somewhere around 210-220 lbs, btw. Never ride 2-up though.

  5. jbrtwork20

    I never ride two-up either. 99% of my riding is on curvy mountain roads and don't mind a firmer ride. People say it's difficult to change the setting after the slam. I just want a good place to start so I don't have to go back and tweak it too much.

  6. hikvorlt

    I'm 235lbs (on a svelte day) and have mine set on 7. The reason is that I was bottoming out on rough roads, of which Richmond Va has many. I also drilled my hole just a smidgen too far, so that might have something to do with it. But at 7, it's not a bad ride at all. I do have my seat shaved and re-padded, but the high preload shouldn't be a bother with a stock seat. Unless of course your riding requirement is along the lines of a La-Z-Boy. :-)

  7. BikRet

    I set at 7 because I bottom out on almost every bump out there, and I weigh in at 170 soaking wet. See whats right for you, it's not hard to adjust preload.

  8. spydrdan80

    mines set at 7 as well. but i just did the slam this winter and havent rode yet...i too drilled my hole a little too far, so im thinkin 7 is what will keep me from bottoming out....

  9. yhennlj

    To those of you running on 7, I have one word for you...Rigid. I had the Baron's lowering kit for a while, and had mine set at 6. I honestly can't tell a difference from that, and the rigid bar I'm running now. Just a thought for those that haven't gone through with the J-slam yet, ya' might want to try a rigid bar out first. It gets ya' really low, and the ride isn't that bad at all.

  10. jbrtwork20

    Well, I bit the bullet and slammed the Oyster. Chose to set the shock at 4 then see how I like it. Haven't gotten to ride yet... Although you can't tell in the picture, we still have patches of snow and cinders and muck that I don't want to deal with. That muck also makes me not want to wash that Cherokee!

  11. jbrtwork20

    The roads dried out and I got to ride The Oyster a bit. It feels great! Actually, quite agile. Nothing quirky or unpredictable about it. Except for feeling smaller, it rides as nice as ever. Tight little turns are balanced and curves are smooth. Kickstand is fine - no change needed there. About the only thing I don't like is... is... well... there's nothing I don't like about it! I'm glad I took the leap and slammed it.

  12. yhennlj

    Lowering that center of gravity does feel great. I thought the 650 was quite agile before, but after lowering it a few years ago, it's awesome.

  13. EXNAUTI12

    Been following these J-Slam threads but still haven't quite figured out what it's all about??
    Is it just for looks? Lowers rear fender a couple inches towords the tire?

  14. retzdaret

    Been following these J-Slam threads but still haven't quite figured...

    It also lowers your ride height and gives the bike a little lower center of gravity. The downside is it bottoms out a bit quicker, you drag pegs/floorboards quicker, and riding 2 up you have to do something to increase the spring rate or it will bottom out almost for sure.


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