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J-SLAM is now done

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  1. wzdartewel

    hey guys, woke up about 5.45 had a few smokes, and did a few more post reviews and said its time to do the slam,(7.00 ) didnt have a floor jack so took the little sissor jack out of the Liberty got a piece of wood and put it under the fender with very little tension, and proceeded to follow all the steps to drop my Star down, nothing difficult at all , just take your time and be smart and you will have no problems,, will do pics later after a ride,, thanx to all you guys for the tips and recommendations,,steve,,

  2. yajhavger

    I can't wait to see it

  3. zleebjzal

    Looks sweet . Now I got to find time to do mine

  4. DominicS308

    Did mine last week. Looked fabulous. The only problem came up when I went to drive into my driveway. I bottomed out (a little bang on the frame). Decided that the slam wasn't gonna work for me at this time. But at least it's done and if I want to lower it all I have to do is move the shock mounting bolt.


  5. wildcatf5

    hey guys, woke up about 5.45 had a few smokes,...

    Hey Steve,
    Finally got off my rear yesterday and did the j-slam on my Custom. I had to use my $20 - 2x6 stand to get mine off the ground. My issue came when I was finished. It was too low to get it off of the stand. LOL!! Had to call my neighbor over to help me lift it off.

  6. yhennlj

    Hey Steve,Finally got off my rear yesterday and did the...

    You should try wriggling one off of the stand after installing a rigid bar. Saftey first...push with the legs not the back.

  7. wzdartewel

    just got done with a 110 mile ride and it is beautyful with the slam, i just need to bring the shock adjuster up to 4 to take some of the rear mushing out,,,,steve

  8. BikRet

    Looks good, glad it went smooth for you.

  9. DragonVStar

    Did you do what I did and just unbolt the shock, lower the bike and bolt it back up or did you have to ratchet the rear down?

  10. wzdartewel

    no ratchet strap necassary, just took the jack from my liberty to hold the fender up and lower it to the new shock hole

  11. wildcatf5

    no ratchet strap necassary, just took the jack from my...

    Interesting. Mine (a Custom) was still on my stand and I had to ratchet the rear and whack the shock a few times with a wood mallet to line up the holes.

  12. wzdartewel

    are you happy with the slam ?? my whole body was on mondays 99 degree temperature drive

  13. wildcatf5

    are you happy with the slam ?? my whole body...

    Very happy with the look of the slam. The guys at work today liked it as well (HD guys).
    Next, I really gotta do something about the seat. I really want to sit a little lower "in" the bike as well as back "in" the bike. It's not a issue with reaching the pavement or controls, more a preference thing.

    As for your ride Monday, I'm sure that you realize that 99 is pretty much the norm here at this time of year, just as I realize that it is NOT the norm at ANY time of year there. LOL!!
    Take it easy.

  14. girgnt1zbt

    Next, I really gotta do something about the seat. I...

    That's exactly what I wanted, so I made my seat. There's a link in my sig to my how-to. It's about like a potato chip seat. At the thickest part, my seat is only 1" of padding between me and the seat pan, and that's only directly under me. I'm about to take out half of that though.

  15. raceroni5

    I did the J-slam this weekend. I had to strap the rear fender. It looks nice but as far as the ride goes, it feels very stiff "bouncy" on the freeway. I like the stock feel. How would I get this ride quality with the J-Slam? I had the shock dialed in at 4, too stiff, now 3, still too stiff.

  16. wildcatf5

    I did the J-slam this weekend. I had to strap...

    Don't know what to tell you. I did mine this past weekend and my shock is set at 5. I will admit that I have only put about 50 miles on the bike since the slam, I don't have a ride issue, except my seat.

  17. raceroni5

    I adjusted my shock to 2. Seems to help take away the harshness. I'm a lite weight at 135. Wonder if I should go with the Barons red spring for the Roadstar and set it at 1?

  18. hikvorlt

    I like the stock feel. How would I get...

    I don't think you're going to find the stock feel with the slam. Besides adding preload to the spring, you've also shortened the travel of the shock.

    I've got mine dialed to 7 because I was bottoming out a bit. I'm not a small guy (235lbs) and I drilled the hole just a tad past the 1" Marg. So yea, it's no longer the soft, plush ride that Yamaha intended. LOL! But it's not bad, at least to me. I've also got my seat shaved way down and layered with some high density carpet padding. On long rides I actually like feeling more of the road with the bike lower and tighter. I don't get jarred and rattled like you would imagine.

    It took some time and adjustments, but now with the floorboard extensions, the apes, the seat, the slam, and the endless fiddling to get everything aligned just right, it all came together and the ride/comfort is far greater than anything Yamaha could have done. I would suggest tweaking everything, not just the shock setting, until you dial the bike in for your personal fit.

  19. grandpagak88

    dont really know what the j-slam is all about?? what does it do??

  20. wildcatf5

    dont really know what the j-slam is all about??...

    It basically lowers the rear-end of the bike. It helps people that are vertically challenged or it helps people that just want their bike lower in the rear for looks. In my experience, it does make the bike ride stiffer. But that doesn't cause a problem with me.


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