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It's "Deer Month" in Northern Hemisphere!

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  1. RockRiverPowerSports88

    June is when deer are dropping their fawns & looking for a place to do it. Because of that, the yearlings are leaving their mothers and going out on their own. Both of these conditions make for some incredibly STUPID deer running across roads every day. Deer are pretty stupid animals anyway, but this month will be the worst.

    Remember to practice your emergency hard braking. Make it an auto-pilot thing in your brain. If you don't know how to drop your speed suddenly without locking up your brakes, take a course & learn how to do it and practice it. You can't guess at how to do this, you need to know in advance and practice from time to time.

    Here in Wisconsin, the roads are literally littered with dead deer on the side of the roads. You can't drive 10 miles without seeing one with orange paint on it. I had to avoid a BIG deer buck running RIGHT in front of me on my way home from work on my bike last night. Both tires slightly squealing, never locked but I went from about 55 to 15 in no time at all. I was swinging my head like a bobblehead doll on a dasboard waiting for his girlfriends to follow right over the top of me. I'm also glad the car behind me was paying attention, I kept one eye on my mirror while going through all this to make sure I didn't need to hit the ditch just to finish the ride home intact.

    Ride safe,
    - Jeff

  2. quicgmicg

    Good post and a needed warning. Deer and motorcycles don't mix. One of my favorite motorcycle blogs has this section...

    ...with a place to post pictures of dead deer. After all, deer kill more people in the US than any other wild animal.... Please be careful when riding in "deer country".

  3. RockRiverPowerSports88


    LOL, nice ...

    Here in WI, the official state statistic for deer vs. motorcycles results in a 50% fatality rate for the rider. Watch out for those suckers!

    This is the age of Youtube - search for deer & motorcycle to see some really 'unique' videos. My favorite is the deer jumping clear over a bike in a line of bikes going through Spearfish Canyon, SD during drunkenriderfest... I mean the Sturgis rally.

    Ride safe,
    - Jeff

  4. Marg

    Boy are you right on.we here next door get too many of those deer in the Heatlikhd looks now too( oh did you mean deer? or the male's looking at female's in swimsuits?) got to be careful out there people. PLEASE!!!!!

  5. yhoower

    Watch out for turkey's too. One almost took my head off the other day.

  6. Marg

    I would say unlucky you,but seems that turkey's are up north too. not many,but still. keep your batwing clean.

  7. yhoower


    Yeah and the damn June bug hatch has started too. I rode to Rochester and back on Wednesday and had a couple ping of the shield on my full face helmet at 70 mph. That's get your attention real quick too.


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