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Isle Madame, the best part of Cape Breton

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  1. MigejCojode

    Ok I may be a little biased here because my OL comes from Arichat. But IMHO the whole motorcycling world misses one of the best places you could ask to ride: Isle Madame.

    Rose finally took me up there this week. What an amazing place. I have to go up and take some better road shots but these are some of the sites you can see. (bear with me never posted a slideshow to the forum before let me know if you can't see it)

  2. michwzdar

    Looks like a nice place for riding, about how long does it take to make the rounds? you canadians always have some nice scenery, and one of these days Ill have to put my passport to work and make a visit.

  3. MigejCojode

    You could do the whole island in a day. That includes all the dead end roads like the one leading to Cape Auguet.

    The kicker is it's just 1/2 hour or 45 minutes from Port Hawksbury, so people literally ride right by it to get to the trail.

  4. tunc

    you make me lol mikey im lookin at google earth and log on here and ya talkin about the place im lookin at hwy 104 lol up there

  5. MigejCojode

    I know it's tiny. No wonder everybody misses it. Gonna try to get the club to ride up there next year if I'm still here.

    Maybe a day is overly optimistic. But google maps doesn't show the amazing scenery or all the beautiful stops along the way. Don't plan on it being the 10 minute ride it appears.

  6. tunc

    looks like a nice place to ride

    reason for lookin
    the sister in law is leavin tomorrow to canada to go sleep with the bears or something
    sounds stupid to me
    tryin to see where she is gunna be but she told me the wrong place or side of the country
    its on the west side
    telegraph cove vancouver island
    dumb aussie is lost already


  7. MigejCojode

    It is tunc but there's some great riding out that way too.


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