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is this the noise???

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  1. kpend4

    ive owned my 2007 vstar 1300 for 30,000 miles now and im wondering if what im trying to explain is the clutch basket noise that people sometimes talk about.its only happened twice with an interval of about 1000 miles between the 2 occassions.the noise basically sounds like youve stuck something in the spokes of your bicyle or something.a thick ticking noise that gradually slows as you slow your bike and downshift at the same time.the noise stops by pulling in your clutch lever,so this has to be it right??

  2. Lucgj574

    I had the dreaded clutch noise until I replaced my clutch basket. It is a metallic rattle that disappears when you pull in your clutch lever. It sounds exactly like what it is - two metal objects rattling against each other. If your noise is stopping when you pull in the clutch lever that is probably it. Another way to tell is that the rattle will emanate from the area of the clutch basket, low on the right side.

    However, I wouldn't say the rattle slowed down as the bike slowed down. To my understanding the rattle would happen no matter what speed you're going - any time the clutch was not engaged (pulled in). I could actually only hear the rattle when I was idling because the engine would drown it out when I was moving.

    With my bike the rattle was amazingly loud and annoying - I knew I couldn't totally enjoy the bike until I got rid of it. It seems to be hit and miss - some lucky 2007 owners apparently never had to deal with it. The good news is that the clutch basket replacement got rid of it 100% for me.

    Good luck!

  3. nvquatriterz

    On mine, it only rattled with the clutch lever "released" (Not pulled in) and the transmission in neutral. If you pulled the lever in, it'd go away.

  4. ylzhooder

    Let me start this post by saying I am no mechanic. For me it's a learn as I go type thing.

    My question is, if this noise exists and goes untreated for a while, what are the ramifications of my non action?

  5. Lucgj574

    My understanding is that the noise is purely an annoyance. If anyone knows better, please correct me.

    Here's what I understand - in the 2007 models, Yamaha used rubber bushings between the pieces in the clutch basket and the rubber wasn't sufficient to prevent the pieces from clanging together. In 2008 they replaced the rubber with springs (the usual approach) to eliminate the problem.

    However, the clutch apparently operates fine either way - with rubber or springs. Also, some 2007s didn't rattle at all. Some (like mine) sounded like Model T's.

  6. Scupakirl

    Are you having any vibration associated with the rattle??


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