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Is there "Clear" windshield lowers?

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  1. L47ft47r1s

    I was curious is there clear lowers that fit V-Stars? I can only find chrome one. I know clear ones are out there for other bikes, a friend with a Honda VTX1300 has them on his.

  2. TheBear

    Yes there are some by Memphis Shades I put the on my 1100. They sell the mount and the deflectors sperately.

  3. Fulldild1

    I have them too although I painted mine to match on the backside.

  4. AiginudNY

    Did the Memphis lowers just bolt right on? Or did you have to make them fit? If how?

  5. yhoower

    Does Buck's make lowers for the 1100?

  6. Fulldild1

    The Memphis Lowers have a 2 piece adjustable clamp for the Fork Tube.

  7. Destructo22

    Far as I can tell nobody makes acrylic lowers for the 1100 with a factory yamaha windshield that bolt on like the factory ones.

    I'm not a big fan of the clamp on mounts but to get acrylic lowers that seems about the only way to go unless you make your own bracket.


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