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Is anyone getting 10,000 miles on a rear tire

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  1. poppj

    My rear tire is close to bald....4700 miles and i have to change's a dunlop d404....this tire works real well on all pavement but wears out so bike is a 1100 classic...any suggestions...b

  2. tunc

    heres a old thread
    go to search up the top and type in tyres theres a few on there

  3. khunder102

    I've got 8k on my original rear tire. It's due to be replaced this spring (if spring ever gets here).


  4. bkman

    I've got 8k on my original rear tire. It's due to be replaced this spring (if spring ever gets here).
    +1 on that - WHEN IS IT GOING TO WARM UP???? I know, I shouldn't complain - I've been riding all winter (though some of it was rather frigid on a motorcycle).

    I bought my bike last June, and I am trying to get at least 10,000 miles on it by this June. Right now, I have about 5700 miles on the clock and my back tire still looks almost new. I doubt I will have to replace it this year, but who knows. I have a custom, though, and the tires are Bridestones, not Dunlops.

    I had D404s on my old bike, and they didn't seem to last very well. I think I got about 7500 miles out of the rear. I also formed the opinion (after I replaced the D404s with Michelin Commanders) that they didn't ride or handle that well, either.

  5. silverfox39

    I know. With the windchill, it's not going over 74 today in Tampa.

    I haven't had my 1100 custom long enough to worry about tires, but I'll sure keep an eye on them. 5,000 or less on a tire just doesn't sound right to me.

  6. 1CuzdominFL

    Granted I'm a little farther south, but I had to take my jacket off this afternoon, it was getting too hot. Say NO to cold fronts.

  7. kzdar37

    stock tires are garbage. you'll do much better with a replacement Metzeler, Avon, Michelin, etc. They are all more money, but worth it unless you intend to go darkside.

  8. Cliffort

    I have a Road Star which is substantially heavier than the V-Star. The original rear tire was Dunlop, it was replaced with Continental twice and an Avon; the overall average has been 12,200 miles per tire. Over 51,000 miles on the bike rear iis now a Kenda.


  9. poppj

    Cliffort.....over 12,000 miles on a rear tire sounds great to me....was the original dunlop rear tire a d404.....thanks b

  10. vgink18054

    I got 6000 mile out of my stock rear dunlop and 8000 out of thr front.
    replaced both with metzlers and now have 5000 on the rear and 3000 on the front and they both look new.

  11. A1zbordztat

    I have 10,000 miles on my bike now with the original Dunlops. I still have plenty of tread left to get me through this year. I'm thinking I can get 15,000 out of them. I suspect I will have to replace them next year. 98% of my riding to date has been 1 up and I keep the tires properly inflated.

  12. placgzdar30

    Got about 10,000 miles out of my last set of D404's but the oem dunlop K555? did a little better. I probably should have changed that last rear a little quiker than what I did

  13. Sduplyumbr

    I got 10,000 out of my tire but, barely. I have a Dunlop on the back now.

  14. viltirizhman

    I've got 7,000 on both tires and they are in great shape?

  15. rzchafer2

    I have 8,000 miles on my original tires. I should get 10,000 pretty easy.


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