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Is 86000 miles a lot on a used Venture?

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  1. Humpucger

    I don't own a Venture as of yet but it has to be on the top of my list for my second bike. It's an awesome machine from what I can tell and is definately a bargain(especially used) compared to the other popular baggers out there, Harley and Goldwing.

    I was wondering how much mileage can you get out of these Ventures?

    Here's an ad posted in my area for a 2000 Venture with what seems to me to be fairly high mileage:

    That 139450 klms is 86,650.21 miles BTW, just to clear that up.

    The price seems pretty decent and the bike looks to be in good shape, it's just the mileage that kind of concerns me.

    I know that the seller is a stand-up guy, a machinist by trade and also a motorcycle mechanic. He wheels in deals in buying used bikes, fixes them up and only sells them when they have a clean bill of health. So, I wouldn't hesitate buying a bike from him, that's a plus.

    But again, what about the mileage?

  2. maxcruizer

    Bike looks very clean, which is a plus! I would ask him to preform a compression test with you there to see condition of engine. If it passes that test, than ask him if you can take it for a test ride. If he approves, than do the second gear slip test. This is to check if the second gear is going on it. To check this, while riding in second gear, turn the throttle full open (make sure all is clear in front of you) to see if the second gear skips, actually feels more like the clutch is slipping. than the dogs on the gears (2nd & 5th) are worn and a major tranny overhaul is in order.

    The rest is the basic checks, tire condition, fork seal leaks, rear shock condition, etc...

    High mileage is not big problem, if the bike was maintained properly.


  3. BikRet

    IMHO 86k is a lot of miles any way you look at it, yeah the guy may be trustworthy, but you can't tell what will happen down the road. Maybe he fixed everything that was broken, but that doesn't mean it won't break down. If it's a good deal I say go for it, if you have a little skill at fixing the things that can go wrong even better.

    Really it's a coin toss, just because the guy is trustworthy doesn't mean the original owner didn't beat the crap out of it.

  4. ericboutin73

    I got nothin to offer as far as the bike except to say it looks like new.....but I just gotta comment on the guy's pics! He either has the most awesome garage on the planet full of bikes or he has a saint for a wife cuz he's got a ton of bikes in his living room!! Awesome!!!

  5. Humpucger

    Hey, thanks for the feedback guys!

    Yeah, I have to agree that this might not be the best example of a sweet deal and I can appreciate your comments about potential problems down the road. This guy just buys used bikes and fixes them up a bit, then sells them at a small profit.

    This particular bike have gone through five owners over the years, who knows? Even this seller wouldn't know, it wasn't his own personal bike.

    I guess if a guy found a used Venture going at a price that was hard to resist and that the seller was the original owner and had maintenance records to show that the bike was well cared for or at least had the maintenance records from the owner before him, that would go a long way to ease any fears about buying a bike with more then a couple of miles on it.

  6. tartantyger97

    I, for one, wouldn't let the mileage be a determining factor - if the seller is a real stand-up guy, he'll also furnish you the identity of the original owner. Talk to the owner, get a feel for his driving (and maintenance) style; my old 2005 Tour Deluxe has (as of this evening) 125,221 miles on it, and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it to either coast and back. I bought a still-in-the-crate 2005 Tour Deluxe a few months back; except for the fact that the paint on the recent acquisition is in nearly-showroom condition, there's virtually no difference in the way the bikes handle the rigors of daily driving (yes, I have an SUV and a pickup, but I'd really prefer to use a bike). As a member of and Delphi Forums Royal Star Riders, I can attest to the fact that 125,000 miles is by no means exceptional for a Royal Star; there are, in fact, a significant number of contributors to both forums with bikes in the 130,000 to 140,000 range, and at least two with mileage in excess of 150,000.

  7. zarke172

    i saw a 1999 venture at star days several years ago in rogers arkansas that had over 400,000 miles on it---hadn't had the heads off yet. the guy said he changed the oil and filter every 3000 miles,and that was about it.

  8. tillikaff

    I bought my 2001 Venture with 36,000 mile for $6,500, in July.
    A friend of mine has a 2000 Venture that he bought new. It now has over 100,000 miles. I have met some people with 150,000 & 200,000 miles on theirs.

    But, then again I think buying a used bike, I would try to find something with less than 50,000 miles. You should be able to find a bike with less miles for about the same price.

    Good Luck on your search for a Venture. I sure have enjoyed mine so far. I have put over 4,000 miles on it since the end of July

  9. hik4z

    Royal Star engines generally go over 100k without major work, often a 150k or more, things like clutches and stuff my need to be replaced.

    That being said, it is high mileage for a 2000, so while I wouldn't be too worried about the mileage, I would expect a good price.

  10. recumpendpop

    I agree with everything said but with that mileage I think the price is high.

  11. Humpucger

    I have to agree with what you fellows are telling me, thanks!

    While this might not be too much mileage on a used Venture, if I'm honest with myself, I would really like one with a lot less miles on it.

    I've seen some used Ventures for sale around here in Atlantic Canada but so far, they price them way too high. Like a 2004 with 50,000-60,000 klms on it for $13,500. At that price, I'd be way better off buying that leftover 2009 from our Yamaha dealer for $17,000 + freight & PDI!

    I know that there are a bunch of these around, they must have sold well around here. So, there'll have to be a deal at some point. Time is on my side, since I'm in no big hurry to buy.

  12. wforider62

    Bike does look good, but it's still a buyers market out there , I would offer $5995.00 or 6k. If he doesn't move, back off for a few weeks then check in with him later. he wants to move all inventory, I bet he will be satisfied with that, if he is a dealer he can hook you up with a compression test, I would also try to find out if it had ever had a clutch job, if not how much one cost. Flip that back at him. I haven't seen many clutches go over 100k, but it happens..


  13. Cabri103

    I don't own a Venture as of yet but it...

    These bikes can go the distance......There was one at the Yamaha Tent at Biktoberfest in Daytona Beach this month a 199? bike with 286,000 miles and no major work done on the bike. If the bike you are looking at has been treated right it sounds fine.

  14. 1zdcor7

    Like a 2004 with 50,000-60,000 klms on it for $13,500....

    You know - you can do so much better. I'm not sure where you live, but I bought my 2007 RSTD with 2,660 miles on it for only $8,999. I am not familiar with a Venture - maybe they're a whole lot more money so please don't let me offend anyone. But I think you can do better. Take your time and don't rush buying one - that will give you plenty of time to find one. I would have to agree - I wouldn't want a bike that has a lot of miles either. I think the highest mileage bike I purchased was a VTX1800 and it had 28,000 miles on it - and that was still too high for me I like my bikes newer. The best of luck to you finding just the right bike!

  15. hik4z

    If you do get it, plan on doing the Barnett clutch upgrade. The stock spring set up is a weak link


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