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Installing Yammy billet passenger floorboards

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  1. zumnckuj

    Sup Fellas !!!

    I am trying to install the passenger floor boards. Was wundrin if anyone else has done this themselves.

    Seems easy enuff but when I install the board to the bracket, the board doesnt stay in the upright position.

    I put the spring in the little hole on the floor board, I put the ball bearing on top of the little spring in the little hole in the floor board. I take the metal piece with the three wholes and position it all between the mount.

    Any ideas .. hope you understand my explanation.


  2. JuzdSdewe

    Did it when I first got my bike (awhile ago).
    Piece of cake. The instructions (if you have them), are (if I remember correctly), very thorough, and understandable.
    Only thing I did different from the instructions, was I added a little synthetic (ordinary will work), grease inside the pocket where the spring and check ball go.
    Other then that, I thought it was a cake walk. One of the easier installs on the bike.

    Only thing I can suggest /think of, is you haven't got the little steel plate in the right place.
    Good luck.

  3. JuzdSdewe

    Try these instructions.

  4. zumnckuj

    tks .. Ill check it at the angles shown in the pics .. but Im pretty sure thats what I got ..

  5. TribleM

    I put them on and have not had any problem. In the up position they do not lock in tight and have a little play in them but they stay up fine.

  6. JuzdSdewe

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  7. Driwetapisnezz

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  8. TribleM

    I they stay up over 4 hrs call your mechanic.

  9. SdeweinFL

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  10. zumnckuj

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