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Installing my lights this weekend!

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  1. Kigsby84

    Does anyone know of a good video showing how to install driving lights? I read over the instructions and I'm mostly concerned with how to get power to the new lights. Is there a plug for them in the headlight?

  2. quicgmicg

    There isn't a direct plug in, but your instructions should guide you through which wires in the headlight need to be tapped in to. Then it simply a matter of running the wires into the headlight and connecting them. I'd recommend soldering them and using shrink tubing where ever you cut into the stock wires.

  3. Goadlocger69

    Here are some indepth instructions for installing OEM driving lights on a 1300 with pictures that might help.

  4. Sabrehandler

    I installed my lights using this with the instructions. Make sure you have the 2 spacers in the hardware kit; mine were missing and I had to make them.

  5. Kigsby84

    This is perfect!! Exactly what I was looking for! I was supposed to bring the bike in to the shop after work today to have them installed, but I think I'm gonna give it another try. Thank you SO much! Now I can buy something nice for the bike instead of giving it to the mechanic!

  6. Kigsby84

    Ok....the lights are installed and my turn signals work and now I have to hook up the lights to the power. Crap. I don't have any soldering tools (nor would know how to use them if I did). I'm guessing I can only pick one - on with high beams or on with low beams. I'll have to think about that. Or, I guess I could go directly to the battery (but that makes me a little nervous). I'm so close to being done it hurts. I don't know which wire is the high and which is the low (any color hints anyone?) And is there another way to connect them besides soldering? I'd hate to bring it to the shop this close to the end.

  7. quicgmicg

    Some states require the driving lights to be off when hi beams are on. I know lots of people that still run them though.

    I just changed headlights on my 1100 this weekend.... If I remember right is was Yellow= HI and Green= LO....Black= Ground

  8. Cliffort

    Ok....the lights are installed and my turn signals work and...

    YELLOW is HIGH beam, GREEN is LOW beam, BLUE is the running lights ON ALL THE TIME. I advise you to use a relay to operate the new lights; run a wire direct from the battery through a fuse, through the relay to the lights, opperate the relay with the yellow green or blue as you choose.

    If you want a bit of help or advice, take a ride to Sebring, FL, 2326 US 27 N, 863-386-0015.


  9. Kigsby84

    Thank you Cliffort! I think I want them on all the time, so I'll connect them to the blue wire. The lights have an on/off switch on the outside of the left light, is that a relay or I need a relay in addition to the on/off switch? (I'm not real sure what a relay is.....) There is a fuse in the line that is supposed to be connected to the headlight wire. The instructions end with "connect to headlight wire to high or low beam depending on preference" and that's it. No instructions on how to connect it, what to use to connect it and nothing about a relay.

  10. Kigsby84

    Wait a minute.....I don't remember a blue wire. After quicgmicg told me what each of the colors were, I checked the headlight wires. I only saw yellow, green and black.

  11. Cliffort

    Thank you Cliffort! I think I want them...

    Wait a minute.....I don't remember a blue wire. After...

    That is right the headlight wires are yellow, green and black. Black is the ground. The yellow & green are for the high & low beam, one or the other, not both. however there are lots of other wires in the headlight bucket, one of which is blue and is for the front running lights which are on all the time.

    When you add lights to an existing circuit you have to be careful not to overload the circuit, which would blow the fuse and then you have nothing working on that circuit. If you hook the new lights direct to the battery then the key will not shut them off; you will have to use the switch that you mentioned to shut them off to not kill the battery! A relay will alowe you to have the new lights on their own fuse and have it switched on & off by the key. A relay is a cube about 1" each side with 4 or 5 terminals on one side. You can get one at any auto parts shop. I own & run Quality Motorcycle Repair, that is the address I gave; if you come here I will alow you to work on the bike yourself and I will advise you what to do and how to do it (no charge).



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