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  1. rcattell

    Extraordianry would be MAJOR repairs. Not minor tinkering.

  2. ft38278

    I believe the bylaws when they state about vehicle maint they mean in the parking lot and relate to things like brake jobs, engine removal like you stated. In your back yard I dont think would be of there business unless you trashed the yard with skeletons of bikes and parts or made loud noises during quiet times.

    If your yard has a privacy fence installed by the contractor that built the homes then the intent was for you to have privacy as a tenant of the HOA so your neighbor was in violation of your privacy if she constantly lurks at you while your in the confines of your home and property.

  3. Suzhipiger

    I think I've found the final nail in my coffin:

    g)......nor shall the repair or extraordinary maintenance of automobiles or other vehicles be carried out on any of the common elements or within or upon any condominium unit"

    So the word "repair" and the words "upon any condominium unit" effectively prevent me from even minor tasks.

    I ought to buy a P.O.S. 2-stroke lawnmower and constantly tinker with it and run it in my back yard. It's not a "vehicle" so I'll work on it, and make a hell of a racket with it.

    I really picked a bad unit. With the exception of myself, and one neighbor, the ENTIRE row is inhabited by single, old women who have nothing better to do but complain about anyone who doesn't live exactly the way they do.

  4. ft38278

    HMMMM sounds like you could work on the bike during bingo nights Sorry had to say that.

    I remember when I was in the military most bases had a shop that would allow you to work on your vehicles. Are you close enough to one, have you checked into that?

  5. popper19

    Section 3: Prohibited Nuisances"a) no noxious or offensive trade or activitiy shall be carried on within the condominium or within any conominium unit, no shall anything be done therein or thereon which may be or become an annoyance to the neighborhood or the other unit owners...."
    I'd say this means your neighbor is in violation by becoming an annoyance to you, man!!! complain to the board, and get that @$$ cited!!!

  6. ft38278

    Yeah fry the blue hair!

  7. ft38278

    I still like my idea of sunbathing in a man thong. If it don't kill her it should stop the lurking.

  8. retzdarraiter

    sushi, i live in south river colony,and the bylaws are a little strict here too. but fortunately i live in a section were cool people live. try "working" on your bike, instead of repairing it. haha. im on the board here and deal with people's petty complaints all the time. look closely at the backyard law or whatever. i kinda think that they cant tell you what to do out back. at least thats the way or bylaws read. what i would do is go to the office and speak to the office managers and just tell them about your problem. they may understand. if all else fails call me and i'll send out the machete brothers. they WILL take care of the problem. RED
    we still riding to annapolis?

  9. chitter4

    Guido, Vinnie and I can come out and visit with our bats once it warms up a bit

  10. Suzhipiger

    Lol..yeah we're still riding to Annapolis...unless someone suggests something better. I guess I'll have to haul it the Ft. Meade auto hobby shop when it needs major work. Fortunately there it hasn't NEEDED any major work.

  11. roukhriter8

    One of the reasons I hate working in the patrol division is I hate those calls where people are just bitchin. I got one in a neighborhood where the lady was griping about construction workers hammering and making noise. She bought the first house completed on the street.

    Are you renting or buying? In some states you have certain property rights that cannot be signed away in a contract. The HMA just wants you to think they can. I lived in neighborhood that did not allow you to have a car older than 5 yrs parked in the drive. You also could not put a vehicle that had lettering on the exterior. My patrol car was a 97 model. This was in 04. I parked my 64 impala out front several days and got a dirty letter about it. I went to the president and confronted him about it. He said that my patrol car was ok because people wanted the police car around for security. I basically told him to screw off and did not move my car. I was told that they would take me to court. I talked to the city attorney about it. She told me in Alabama they did not have much clout because of the property owners rights.

    Looks like you've read up on the laws. I may be childish but I would pester the hell out of the president for everything I saw wrong.

  12. Suzhipiger

    I own...if you can call it that. I'm not "underwater" on my mortgage or anything but if I sold it I wouldn't get enough proceeds.

    I'm stuck for now. I'm trying to decide if taking it out on my fellow neighbors is petty, or ensuring that the rules are enforced evenly. Times are tough for everyone. If a neighbor can save a few bucks by swapping his own brake pads, should I crap on him for it?

  13. wzdar6

    Sushi I'm getting pissed off just reading this crap. I'm proud that you are a better man than I am!! I would have been in trouble by now!! I just wish I had a neighbor like you! Keep setting a good example. I'm watching!!!!

  14. chitter4

    You got anything about tents in your yard, I thinking that is going to be your best bet. Not one of those pup tents though, unless you’re trading for a minni bike. Get a great big wall tent and let the neighbor think the circus came to town. When she gripes about it tell her you heard her relatives were coming to visit.

  15. THUNDER160

    send that neighbor down here to texas we will give him something to talk about.... that sucks, i quess im old school, what you do at your home is your bussiness......

  16. khunder102

    Hey Sushi,

    I've been reading this thread with quite a bit of interest over the past few days, and this contract thing has finally gotten my goat. I've been involved with contractual issues in the construction industry for a good number of years now, and I've learned a few things about contracts in general from people with significantly more experience than me, and particularly from lawyers.

    Bottom line is, the contract has to state clearly the obligations each party has. Just because you signed their contract doesn't give the association the sole right to interpret what it says, or enforce it in any way they choose after the fact. In my opinion, the portions of the association's contract that you posted here are vague and unenforceable (not like the age limit of vehicles that roughrider wrote about in his post, which is pretty clear). If you wanted to really push this to the point where the association sought legal advice, I'm sure they would come to the same conclusion. I believe this vehicle maintenance clause essentially doesn't mean a thing.

    Question is, is going that far really worth it? Up to you. It just plain boils me that you could end up getting grief from your neighbor just by walking out your door with a wrench in your pocket. I've had some really nasty neighbors in the past too, that had nothing better to do than mind my own business. Used to be the land of the free...

    Just my $0.02.


  17. THUNDER160

    well said my friend...

  18. ft38278

    Scrap the Annapolis ride we are comming to your house and park out front with all our bikes, take up all the parking spots and hang out in your back yard helping you fix that old 2 stroke lawnmower engine (without muffler).

  19. rcattell

    Seems like what is outlined in the by-laws is to prevent people from .... doing an engine swap/rebuild in their driveway or yard which leaves parts laying all over for weeks on end.

    Doing a pad and shoe change on your car does not even come remotely close to that.

    I say fight it. Maybe meet with the president and discuss what is and is not acceptable. If you get nowhere with that person, then take it to the next step.

    I'll be damned if I ever pay 300+ dollars for some HS schmuck to change the pads and rotors in my car when I can do it in 30 minutes for under 100 bucks.

  20. popper19

    One of the reasons I hate working in the patrol division is I hate those calls where people are just bitchin. I got one in a neighborhood where the lady was griping about construction workers hammering and making noise. She bought the first house completed on the street.
    roughrider, I can beat that one. I had to chat with a fine member of my community that complained because, every Sunday, right before church, the bells at the church rang, and "make her eyes shake"..... Mind you, this church has been there, chiming it's bells before services for over 50 years, and she has been living by the church for more than 5 years.... Not sure why it's suddenly a problem now, but she demanded I make them stop.


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