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  1. Suzhipiger

    One of a few reasons that I didn't run out and buy a big, chrome cruiser is because I live in a townhouse and don't have a garage. The housing market being what it is, I'm not likely to upgrade very soon.

    One of the advantages of owning a motorcycle (I thought) was that it fits in my fenced in back yard where I can work on it in peace, privacy and give my neighbors the courtesy of NOT having to watch me work on it out front.

    Alas, that was not to be. I have a neighbor who absolutely hates my guts and tattles on me every time she sees me with a screwdriver in my hand. The HOA has informed me that I cannot work on the bike, even in my own back yard. How do they know, you ask? Because my neighbor looks down into my backyard from her 2nd floor.

    This crap is for the birds and if I didn't have to worry about things like good schools and pretty neighborhoods and an economy circling the drain, I'd be outta here.

  2. kamezbanger

    Is that Maryland, USA or Maryland USSR?

    That SUCKS!!! Now the war should begin. When u see her leave, go put butter on her door knob.

  3. Suzhipiger

    It's the PRMD actually- The People's Republic of Maryland. The cost of housing in my little hamlet is grossly inflated, even if I could find a buyer for my home. Crofton was listed as the "72nd best small town" to live in, in the U.S. out of like 500 small towns or something. I can afford to step up to something a little better, but I'll never find a buyer and I won't rent it out. I've put too much work into the place to have tenants trash the place.

  4. Gman16827

    Just one more reason to not live in an area with an HOA. Just remember that it takes 2 to tango oh and by the way....Zieg Heil!

  5. MigejCojode

    Move up to Nova Scotia. Housing is cheap, Neighbours are too back woods to care about the petty things, gov't health care is OK and this place is made for riding (10 months out of th year anyway).

  6. ft38278

    Sunbathe in a speedo or manthong out back for a few days

    Will your bike fit through the back door? (Caution could cause grief with the wife )

    I'd offer some space in my shop for ya but it's a good haul to Frederick.

  7. zhovman

    I was stationed in Maryland one life time and I was shocked at how darned petty the state could be to military personnel returning from overseas. When I got my car off the ship, Maryland said I had to have it inspected before I could drive it out of state (or anywhere). I saw parts of my car that day that haven't been seen since it was built!!! To top it off, the facility that did the inspecting had to guess about putting some parts back on in the right order and place (they guessed wrong and had to call a dealer to find the right information). My car passed inspection but never ran or drove right again. I went through our legal department and they said to take it to the dealer and have it checked out and let them know what was wrong so the
    state of May-him could be billed for the repairs. Did that, got it repaired (for the most part), Legal sent the Bill to the state, State refused to pay it because I had the option of not driving in Maryland. Heck, I drive a truck for a living now and I will not go through Maryland in my truck. Legal finally got Uncle Sam to foot the bill and then went back to Maryland for reimbursment. Don't know if that ever got paid but I know I would not think a second about living in Maryland now.

  8. ROB2

    i have a permanent fix for ya,go buy a blow up doll,when you know shes peeking out her window take the doll and your screw driver into YOUR back yard and stab the doll about the head and chest multiple times with the screwdriver while screaming out your neighbors name, let me know how things work out

  9. havkvilt65

    i have a permanent fix for ya,go buy a blow up doll,when you know shes peeking out her window take the doll and your screw driver into YOUR back yard and stab the doll about the head and chest multiple times with the screwdriver while screaming out your neighbors name, let me know how things work out

    Twisted! I like it, but, Twisted!

  10. Suzhipiger

    You guys are fun. Lol...I've been to Nova Scotia. I spent a few days hanging out with Submarine Squadron One. The only thing you haven't mentioned is jobs Mikey. I need to be able to pull down some green.

  11. ft38278

    You in the military? I did 5 yrs in uncle sams canoe club (Navy) 77-82 I did the trip to Mikey's area too, great place to visit and they only have 30 days more of winter than us here in Maryland.

  12. Suzhipiger

    I logged 11 years on submarines, same as 4mrAkankmpr. In '01 I switched to reserves, but instead of a reserve ship I'm in a "coastal warfare" unit. I wear cammies, tote a rifle and drive big green trucks. Kind of like wannabe Marines.

    I did a tour in the Gulf a few years ago...keeping suicide jockeys from blowing holes in the side of coalition warships and cargo ships. 27' patrol boats with twin .50 cals and an open wheelhouse. No A/C and 125F every day for 15 hours a day. 1.5 years until retirement.

    How'd that spinal tap go? All better?

  13. MigejCojode

    You guys went to Halifax, Don't particularly like that place. It's a good party town but I prefer to be able to leave it when I want (they have some strange people there).

    It all depends on what you do. They are hurting for healthcare professionals or "professionals" period, but work is pretty scarce for general labourers.

  14. ft38278

    Cool I did 3 years in CT, New London /Groton area on a subtender (across the river from the sub base), then 2 years on assault boats (ACU2) at Ft McHenry Md and Littlecreek VA.

    I went through Bubblehead school then got injured in a car wreck and didn't finish the last 2 weeks and couldn't get back into a class so opted to go across the river and repair Subs and ended up as a damage control tech.

    Nerve block is working good, now just need to get the knee working better. Was a combo of a torn disk in my back pressing against the ciatic nerve and I've had 2 surgeries on the knee (torn maniscus)and the knee is still a bit messed up. nothing that stops me from riding the bike knock on wood (Tapping head at this time)

  15. popper19

    I lived a few years near Little Creek. My pops retired from Langley about 15 years back, and my big brother was stationed at Little Creek w the marines for a spell... Pops works for the navy as a civilian now, getting paid more than double to do the same job, only without the military hassles.... I opted to go the other way, joined the army and headed to California, then Korea for a few years..

  16. zhovman

    Did 21 in the canoe club and retired from Pensacola Fl. Rode a bike most of my career back and forth to work, then flew in little and big birds. Now I still ride the bike but you will not get me on another airplane. Spent most of my career stationed in Key West, Fl. Had a nice mobile home in a decent park on Cudjoe Key. When not on a detachment to some far corner of the world, did a lot of fishing and diving (and a little guiding for inshore fish). Used to know where all the good Lobstering spots were around the lower Keys and knew pretty much where the best Grouper fishing was in the Marcassas Keys. Haven't been back down there in several years but want to go back and do some more diving and fishing before I get too old to enjoy it. Just got to figure out how to get the camper, the boat, and the bikes down there all at one time without breaking the bank....

  17. SlovPoge

    Sushi - Can you set up something like this on a portable basis and block her view?

  18. chitter4

    WTF kind of a place do you live in where it’s illegal to work on you bike in your yard? Sounds like you need a set of double French doors so you can drive it in the house.

  19. rcattell

    Read up on the by-laws of the HOA. A lot of associations like to tell you you can/can't do things figuring you'll just lsiten.

    Case in point. I live in a Condo and we have rules. We cannot have a clothesline out back. You cannot paint your shudders, etc. My good friend/neighbor was fixing his own lawn mower. Now, we have a landscaping service that takes care of the lawn. But they come once a week so he used to just cut his grass himself. He got cited for "running a lawn mower repair business". He in turn, sent a letter to the president of the association asking her to point where in the by-law it is stated that he cannot fix his own lawnmower or mow his own lawn. It said it nowhere. Same thing happened with fixing his car. People complained and he got cited. No where does it saw he cannot work on his own vehicle in his driveway.

    He also got cited for having a commercial van. He is a heating/cooling/plumbing guy. He has a diesel Ford van. NO windows in the box, no letters. It i plain silver. It is just big. A letter was again sent to the president outlining how the by-laws state no LETTERED commercial vehicles may be parked overnight. His is not lettered.

    He knows the laws of the association better than the board does. Had a lawyer send a letter to the association stating if they continued to harass him without due cause, they would be brought to court. Not another word has been said to him.

    Check the by-laws and such. Make sure they aren't just appeasing the crotchety neighbor to shut her up.

  20. Suzhipiger

    Unfortunately the by-laws do cover vehicle maintenance. I do need to push for clarification though. The regs say "No extraordinary vehicle maintenance".

    That's kind of vague. I mean, what constitutes "extraordinary"? Removing the engine? Transmission? Brake work? You'd think an oil change would be "routine" vs. Extraordinary. I may have to hire a lawyer to get the regs precisely defined so that I can do certain things.

    Yesterday I removed the gauge cluster and brought it into my house to work on, but the actual act of removing it, is verbotten, even though I covered the bike and you couldn't tell it was even missing. I won't be surprised to get a letter about it.

    Listen to this one:
    Section 3: Prohibited Nuisances
    "a) no noxious or offensive trade or activitiy shall be carried on within the condominium or within any conominium unit, no shall anything be done therein or thereon which may be or become an annoyance to the neighborhood or the other unit owners...."

    There's more but you get the point. My very existance is an annoyance to my neighbor. How am I supposed to defend myself against that? Not just for purposes of working on my bike, but for anything she complains about. No wonder I receive so many notices.


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