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  1. ylzhooder

    I store my bike for the winter some 280kms (175 miles) from where I live. (It's on a friends farm where they have a full shop for mods and repairs.) I have not been able to get there since I parked her back in October.

    Over the past few months I have been collecting the parts for the mods to be preformed. The latest one arrived today. Tomorrow when I'm finished work, I will be heading east to visit my baby and spend the weekend preforming these mods.

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    The mods to be preformed.
    -install Custom Dynamics Back Off brake module.
    -remove both tires and take to tire shop for installation of new tires.
    -install Kuryakyn's floorboard mount hiway pegs.
    -install engine guard chaps.

    It's gonna be a good three day weekend.

  2. micg10

    here's hoping you can sneak in a ride aswell, good luck buddy.

  3. ylzhooder

    sneaking in a ride would be nice, but that is just not gonna happen. The shop my bike is stored in is at the bottom of a snow covered hill.

    Thanks though.

  4. Silwerato5x5

    Yesterday up here in Alaska the main highway was pretty dry, all the secondary streets though are still heavily layered in ice but it made it up to 43 degrees, I could have done some bike riding with a little bit of ingenuity.

    We are going through some elevated temperatures right now that is not supposed to happen until mid march, I guess our 6 weeks of winter forecast only applies to the contiguous US

  5. tunc

    dont forget the pics

    not long and all you guys and girls will be ridin again

  6. ylzhooder

    Just got home from my conjugal visit with my bike. Got the back tire off, but the shop that is going to mount the new one for me is closed on Saturdays. So a buddy will take them there on Tuesday. Then he and his son will reinstall it. I won't be there for that. DANG! Decided the front tire is good for another 2000kms or so. Will change it when it's needed.

    Got the Floorboard mount hiway pegs mounted. Pretty simple, but putting the floorboards back on the bike requires skill and finesse, both of which I lack. But got it done.

    The brake modal is installed. Forgot to do the engine guard chaps, but that will only take a minute. So no big deal.

    Still need to install an accessory socket. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

    No pictures this time as the saddle bags and rear tire are off right now.

  7. quicgmicg

    Hurry up!!!...LOL

  8. Brat

    I hear ya, dude.

    Last bit for my GAK came this week, but I have to wait a few weeks to find some time to do it. CAN'T WAIT


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