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Ign. switch?? any help???

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  1. luvmyrs84

    Hi, I have a 99 RSV and keep blowing the 30 amp fuse for ign. Turn key to acc. and have full power then when ready to start and turn key to on position blows fuse I noticed the ign. switch was a little tricky to get to the on position and then today NO POWER tried to look for swtich on ebay but non availible.. any advice???? or am I looking at the wrong thing

  2. tartantyger97

    I'm assuming that you have a manual (if you don't, I can send you a Yamaha shop manual for your '99 Venture in .pdf format - p.m. me through your User CP, or by clicking my "handle" above). There are additional circuits that come "on line" when the switch is moved from "accessory" to "start". You'll need to isolate them, either by removing the appropriate fuses in the fusebox, or by disconnecting the appropriate modular connector. When you disconnect a circuit and the 30A fuse doesn't blow, you've probably found the problem23...or maybe not. You will almost certainly have to replace the switch before further troubleshooting can be performed. The part number (in the event that you don't have it, and it WON'T be in the shop manual) is 4XY-82501-00-00; that switch was used ONLY in the 1999 and 2000 RSV's, so don't let them sell you a more recent one, it won't fit. There are any number of threads that address discount parts suppliers, so I won't be going into that here. Good luck, troubleshooting this is going to be a long, painfully tedious job. And I'll continue to watch this thread, in the event I can be of further assistance.

  3. hik4z

    I have heard of the switch going bad, but not sure it it shorts and causes the main fuse to blow when it does.

  4. tartantyger97

    I have heard of the switch going bad, but not...

    You're LIKELY right, but the switch has two wiper contact surfaces that CAN twist, touch the housing and short out the fuse - that, however, would be an extremely (as in "once in a lifetime", "one for the books") unusual failure. I don't believe for a moment that the UNDERLYING failure is in the switch, but if the switch has altogether quit working, it'll have to be replaced so that further troubleshooting can be undertaken.


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