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If you could tell Yamaha.....

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  1. pikzhavn

    I'm with VTC on the color thing. Way too many different colors on the bike. Make it all chrome or all black. Most of my complaints (on my '07) have been remedied on the newer models. I'm with everybody on the tank capacity...6 gallons would be great.

  2. Mondj

    Hire a new horn placement designer.

  3. Goadlocger69

    Hire a new horn placement designer. ...

    That's an easy one that doesn't cost a thing
    Moving the Vstar 1300 horn to a spot behind the Left "fake" cover

  4. micg10

    3 things to change on this bike, what would they...

    there's nothing i'd tell "yamaha" to change on my bike but i'd love to tell them to keep replacement parts in stock because three weeks i've been waiting to get my bike back is bullsh!t! it's killin me. (its a warranty job so have to use genuine parts)



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