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If you could tell Yamaha.....

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  1. Philo107

    3 things to change on this bike, what would they be???

  2. yhennlj

    It's a Custom, so the first thing is to toss out those cheap plastic fenders for something more durable. Second is perhaps a belt drive, do away with those pesky driveshaft splines. Last is purely for looks, I think they should come stock with a larger rake. It's a great bike, but I think the longer stretched out front end improves the overall aesthetics.

  3. Goadlocger69

    For the 1300, I didn't try the upgraded 2011 but since they changed the handle bars and seat I'll go with:
    1. Transmission whine/engine noise (they don't have the "it's air cooled" excuse)
    2. Fork Springs
    3. The "Sumo Cup" intake

  4. fredx3

    just buy a 950, drive belt metal fenders, great look and plenty of power!

  5. yajpirt246

    on my 13,
    1. I wish they gave us more room under the rear fender for a wider tire/wheel, the struts are in the way.
    2. I don't like the handlebar/speedo set-up. I love the looks of drag bars, but can't used them because of the speedo being in the way. Almost all of the other bikes in the line up have tank mounted consoles, was it really too hard to put one on the 13???
    3. The dual throttle body makes it more expensive to change the air box to something aftermarket or custom.

    Other than that, I love my bike...I just wish those areas were easier to customize.

  6. yajpirt246

    Oh, and thicker bike seems to be really thin skinned, every boot scuff or light scratch is showing white under the black paint....

  7. pikzhavn

    It's a Custom, so the first thing is to toss...

    Huh??? It IS a belt drive with metal fenders...

  8. cbdklowal

    1. progressive springs from the factory
    2. make the Heatlikhd round for real
    3. move ignition to steering neck area or close to the seat, it looks cooler, and i don't have to deal with my key ring flapping around.

  9. TribleForg

    Take a hard saddlebag lesson from Corbin - quit the Plastic+Leather saddlebag.

    Grab a "Ultimate Seat" and see what can be done to make the stocker, better.

    Leave the tank alone. I love to have one bike that has it's tank uncluttered - it's one of the reasons I bought the bike.

  10. Goadlocger69

    Huh??? It IS a belt drive with metal fenders......

    He was talking about his 650, not the 1300 (the 1300 also has metal fenders as well )

    ...and i don't have to deal with my key ring...

    You might want to check out these key covers

  11. mi2az84

    6 gallon gas tank
    ABS Brakes
    Cruise Control option

  12. speedtech

    1. Compromise on gearing gearing is made for highway...need a little lower gearing for town and highway.
    2. Make a bigger and softer passenger seat.
    3.Really can't think of 3...other than that, its perfect imo.....Dave

  13. VTvinChic

    Almost all of the other bikes in the...

    Yes, it is difficult with the current tank. Your fuel cap is smack dab in the center, and I love the center hinged cap over the YAWN traditional removable cap. And like TF, that was a big attraction for me to the 13.

    my gripes:

    1) color-matched hard bags, more like the Strat Deluxe or Road Stars.

    2) the stock windshield at a better angle AND more normal height!

    3) the color is noticeably dissimilar in the front end: fork legs are light (clearcoated brushed finish) while the fork covers have a yellow-nickle color to them (brushed, not clearcoated). My 950 suffered the same, but the 650 had a nice chromed (not brushed) finish on the fork covers that matched the rest of the chrome on the bike. The 1300's upper belt guard is also a weird tint that doesn't match elsewhere. I just wish this was a more consistent "look" throughout the bike when looking at the whole picture.

  14. donjy

    I only have three tiny requests

    1. Angle up the speedo alittle so it doesn't glare so much in the sun.
    2. 6 gal. tank for longer trips
    3. Cruise control - like a Goldwing - set it and forget it

  15. cbdklowal

    He was talking about his 650, not the 1300 (the...

    Ooh I like the stealth key. Going on the x-mas list.

  16. yajpirt246

    I do like that the tank is uncluttered, but it's so dang irritating that I can't put any kind of riser style bars on my bike....

  17. yhennlj

    Huh??? It IS a belt drive with metal fenders......

    Goadlocger69 helped me out, but yes mine is a 650 Custom. They cut alot of corners, I guess presumably to keep the cost down. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great bike, and I would buy another one regardless of the few changes I've mentioned. It's nothing I can't live with. I only have the rear fender now anyway and could easily swap it out if it really bothered me, and I've changed out the triple trees for more rake. So, 2 outta' 3 ain't bad.

  18. vito54

    1. Make the fuel mix a bit in send it out of the factory
    the way it ends up when owners drill the airbox, exhaust, and add
    a fuel processor.

    2. Tame the throttle......for such a high geared bike, what's with the
    jerkiness in 1'st and 2'nd gear?

    3. ABS

    Extra credit......Give it a bitchin' flame paint job.

  19. cbdklowal

    1. Make the fuel mix a bit in...

    My wife has a BMW. Hers doesn't have ABS but the tells me that seemingly every BMW rider with ABS hates it; always breaking, dealer serviceable only, etc.

    Your 1 and 2 go together. Fix 1, largely solve 2.

  20. vito54

    My wife has a BMW. Hers doesn't have ABS but... the bitchin' flame paint job can be a real request.

    The reason I did 1 and 2 is I have done the airbox/exhaust/Cobra fuel processor mod and it's still jumpy in 1st & 2nd. With the gearing so tall in the first place, I don't get it. (I'm still tinkering with pots 2 and 3 on the fuel processor...almost there.)


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