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  1. vakonman

    Can someone tell me what the envelope shaped icons down the left side of the page when you click "New Posts"
    are about? I looked around on the site here but didn't come accross such info. Thanks.

  2. FretReit

    Scroll to the bottom of each page. You will find the legends.

  3. vakonman

    Not so Fred. Open a forum or go to New Posts. It is those icons I am inquiring about.

  4. FretReit

    Ok, when you open a forum do not select new posts but rather scroll to the end of the forum there is a table that describes the envelope icons. These seem to be the same icons you get when you select new posts. Is this what you are looking for?

  5. vakonman

    Got it. Thanks buddy!

  6. FretReit

    You're welcome.

  7. tunc

    trinidad postal enquiry service has come thru again lol


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