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  1. margzhill

    Hello I am from Ga. I ride a 2000 V Star 650. I have ridden to Texas. I have ridden the Tail of the Dragon. I ride my bike to work a good bit. I love to hear folks talk about their motorcycles and riding in general. Happy Trails.

  2. Ravhite

    Hello and welcome to the YMF, you should drop a line the next time you head to the Great Republic.

  3. wzdar6

    welcome to the forum. i too love to hear of other peoples rides. wish we had more post in the riders diary forum. is the dragon the only area of n.c. you ride? the dragon is a 400 mile round trip for me. just a little too much for a day trip. after about 325 i don't enjoy it as much. the last 75 is a real chore. i would love to ride the mountains of n.c.,s.c., and ga.!! please post a good route for that area if you have a favorite!


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