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I thought I knew, but now I'm torn!

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  1. jellovpee

    Well, I have my Suzuki M50 listed for sale all over the place: Ebay, Craigslist, and several bike forums including this one. I have been in love with the Raider since I saw a pic on the internet months before they hit the dealerships. And when I finally seen it in person I thought my mind was made up, I wouldn't even LOOK at another bike.
    Well, yesterday I went into the dealer to get a spanner wrench for my bike, and after drooling all over the new '09 Raiders (man, the paint on that red S is smokin hot!), I glance over and see an '07 blue with ghost flames, Warrior with Samson shorty pipes (can't remember the model name).
    I've seen the Warriors in the dealerships before and it seems like I always dismissed them because of that god-awful pipe they have on them. I didn't know much about them and don't know anyone that has one, but this bike looked friggen PERFECT with those pipes on her!
    And now I'm kinda glad that I still have to sell my bike first because I'm not sure what my next bike will be but I'm pretty sure it will be one of these 2. I also looked at the M109 and also the m90......thank God I hadn't just eatin.

    Anywho, I know that no-one can tell me what bike is the best for me but feel free to give your .02 anyway, I don't even care if it's a biased opinion. lol

    Thanks, Casey

  2. THUNDER160

    Well i have the raider, both are very good bikes, im a little bias i guess , this is my 14th are 15th bike i can tell you this much the raider is the best thing i have ever put between my legs........

  3. chitter4

    I have a Raider, and 2 friends with the Warrior. Neither of the Warriors have stock pipes, one V and H, and on with BUB. The BUb’s are loud but they look great and maybe wake dead people. They both look good and ride good. Ones lowered and the other isn’t, the lowered warrior looks better but the stock rides better. You won’t be disappointed with either bike Raider or Warrior. Good luck and good ridding.

  4. jellovpee

    If I remember right, he said $9-9.5K for that '07 Warrior with 4,000 miles on it, that sound about right? I know that's right in line with NADA but how does it sound to you?

  5. ROB2

    go with your heart don't let a few grand make you regret your ride,which ever you pick from those 2 i don't think you'll regret but don't take the chance

  6. jellovpee

    Well, I got the Raider!! I went to the dealer with my bike, I had my mind set on a price and they met it exactly! Gotto got to work but here are some pics

  7. Sduplyumbr

    Congrats on the new ride, very nice.

  8. bhoenix3

    Your Raider looks a hell of a lot like a Warrior.

  9. Jonezpoj

    Nice scoot..........

  10. chaser38

    Hey, jellovpee...looks beautiful. Let us know how you like it. Hope it's all you ever dreamed of.

    Good Luck!

  11. jellovpee

    Sorry, I meant Warrior. I was running late for work. Thanks for the comments!

  12. alpj

    that is hell of a upgrade from a m50 ride safe and most of all enjoy

  13. tunc

    nice lookin bike jellovpee hope ya enjoy
    hey why is your grass over there white

  14. alpj

    yer it looks better than brown with spots of green


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