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I love these old pics...

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  1. quicgmicg

    ...because they prove that even tough the times have changed as well as the machines, the value of a dollar, the clothes, etc.....

    One thing has remained the same........


  2. Liwezdeam5

    Great shot, looks like nothing changes. May have been taken at a banked track.

  3. micg10

    long live "the biker"!

  4. EXNAUTI12

    And the SMILES!

  5. JustDave

    That is a cool old pic, They are having to wash the dirt out of their mouths I bet with the beers.

  6. KitMawericg

    I love these old pics too. Thanks for posting. With all the chaos and bs surrounding us today. They make me long for those supposadly simpler times....

  7. tartantyger97

    Not a dirt track, that's one of the popular "board tracks" of the era; the boards behind them are not the bleachers, but the banked wooden track they raced on early in the 20th century. If you look carefully you'll notice that the Indian has NO brakes whatever; if the rider detected a "situation" on the track ahead, he just leaned hard and "laid it down" in the infield.

  8. Chop60

    thanx for sharing, quicgmicg. and, i have to agree..... i love those old pix. have you seen the one's of the empire state building from when they were working on it?

  9. quicgmicg

    yeah, there were a few of them but I always ind of liked this one best...

  10. aarona

    I see the Bike and the Beer but were are the Cool pix Mick.

  11. PDXScodd

    "one thing never changes"......

    bikers like beer!!! LOL

    oh yeah, here are the biker chicks!

    and here


    Scott T


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