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  1. cambjman

    well friends, I have been reading your posts and finally bought a beautiful pearl white 2008 V Star 1100 Classic. The funny thing is I was dead set on a Shadow, and I sat on and felt out 20 or more different bikes, and I finally decided on a Shadow Sabre 1100 it was a 2007 new for 7K plus tax dealer prep, etc, great price, but the bike just did not feel right. This particular dealer did not sell Yammys. I went to one that did to sit on a Star before I wrote the check for the Honda. When I sat on this bike it was like, "ahhh" daddy is home. I immediately fell in love, the saleswomen could have said
    10k and I would have bought it. Needless to say that is not what I paid, and I had to leave and come back to pay less than retail, but I bought it and had to drive it an hour and a half to get it home and this bike is AWESOME!!!!

  2. zhatovofzelf

    Congrates I picked mine up today also. Its black!!! Stealth mode Baby. Hiding from the man. Laying low!!

    I have to take it back next week to get my accessories installed cause they were not all there today. They went from California to Texas to Spokane Washington. No big deal because I plan on having my oil changed then. Hopefully the weather will hold and I can ride all weekend.


  3. mcurrj1

    I just brought my 2008 1100 Classic home today as well. I bought the raven. I am not online looking for a nice chopped bobber style rear fender I want to add. I have a thread with the bike photoshopped on here to show the look I am going for.

  4. mcurrj1

    Also, I had the dealer install my oil relocation kit and HK 2.5" Stripper Exhaust, they sound great.

  5. quicgmicg

    Congrats you guys.....great choice on a great bike..

  6. bazdorrop1

    WELCOME! I know you will enjoy your bike. I have an 06, black 1100 classic silverado.

  7. cambjman

    Ok friends,
    What would be the first mods that should be considered?

  8. wzdar6

    For Me The Best Was The Mustang Seat With Backrest. Next Cobra Dragster Pipes. Next Passing Lamps, And Next For The Wife Passenger Floorboards. Oops!! Forgot About The Oil Rec. Kit! Waiting Now On Baron Kick Back Risers An The T.o.r.k. Cover. Seems All My Mod. Revolve Around Comfort And Not Performance. I Must Be Getting Old.

  9. fupar

    Congrats on the bike.

    I am sure that you'll be happy with your choice.
    Mine is my daily rider (as long as the weather says 30% chance of rain or less).

    At this point, my next mods to do are:
    1.) a t handlebar. (I want a little more pullback.)
    2.) a gps unit.

    My bike is all black and chrome, and one of these days I'll get off of my lazy butt, and I'll post some pics.


  10. quicgmicg

    Ok friends,What would be the first mods that should be considered?cambjman
    I'd look into a oil filter relocation kit first. You'll be changing oil often and the time and cost savings will be enough over time to easily cover the cost.

    Pipes would be my second choice. Maybe a pair of slip ons? They aren't that expensive but the sound and performance will definitely be better.

    From there the list goes on..... and on.... and on

    Again....good luck and safe riding...


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