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I give up!!!!!!

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    I have purchased a few things off ebay. Drivers backrest, chrome driveshaft cover, highway/crashbar, and skull levers. Well just let me say nothing has gone right yet! First I fought with the backrest, not fitting right until I persuaded it to fit. The driveshaft cover holes didnt exactly line up, off by a hair so I drilled the holes a little bigger. Got that on. Now Im just plain ticked off at the highway bar. It mounts with two bolts on the neck and behind the floorboards at the bottom. No matter what I try, it either wont line up at the top or on the bottom! Right now Ive got it bolted up at the floorboards and now the neck bolt holes are off by a 1/2 inch! I double checked before I bought it that it fit my bike. I think at this point I might have to take it back off and drill holes where I need them Anyone have as much problems as Im having?

  2. tunc

    was it stuff from reputable dealers on e-gay or import stuff from hong kong ya gettin me wary now to double check where its from maybe
    glad it worked out so far percivere with the bars i got confidence youll get it

  3. chitter4

    Are they aftermarket parts or yamaha? If you are having that much problem with Yamaha parts i would check to see if your frame is strait.


    Thanks tunc! I put my hammer down for the night My kids were learning some new words! I'll try again tommorrow after I cool down and think about it abit. I bought the bar from the states, but thats not saying the seller didnt get it from Hong Kong All the items I got were from different sellers, thats the odd part. Oh well, atleast I dont mind making it work, just shouldnt have too.


    Ya, all aftermarket. The frame should be straight, its a brand new 08 that I got off the showroom floor, otherwise that would of been something to look into. Probably should of stuck to Yamaha stuff.

  6. MigejCojode

    Besides reading feedback before I buy I find that one of the best questions to ask ebays sellers is "Is that item a factory second or return?" If yes or I don't know I either better be ready to modify or my max bid is cut down to about 25% of what it would be. In otherwords it better be a really good deal.

    I've kitted out my bike almost exclusively from sleasebay. Luckily I ran across some good sellers like Seritec, WCC, and Demon cycles. I haven't had too many problems and thus far PayPal has made good on them. But items that don't quite fit are usually factory seconds and fitment isn't covered by PayPal.

    What I have found recently is that, after shipping, I'm not saving anything over going to my chrome hawker. And my local store is better with warrantees and bad parts.

  7. bkman

    ...its a brand new 08 that I got off the showroom floor, otherwise that would of been something to look into. Probably should of stuck to Yamaha stuff.
    I bought my Cobra highway bar (crash bar) from the dealer when I bought my bike last June - it is also a 2008. I'm not saying Cobra is the best stuff out there, but it is mostly decent quality stuff. You know what? It didn't quite line up. I had to actually mount the top bolts, block the bike up and then STAND on the bar to get the bottoms to line up. They weren't off by much, but it was definitely NOT as simple as bolting it on.

  8. chitter4

    Its most likely the parts but I have heard some horror stories about bashed up crates off of the truck, my dealer told me he has refused delivery because of damage. I don’t want to scare you off but it might be worth a quick look.

  9. Jonezpoj

    I've learned over the years that some parts just jump on a bike and others need a good tweek here and there........ A real PITA.

  10. Jassjljnne

    My husband and I own a manufacturing company (tool & die & metal stamping) Frankly I don't know how anyone buys anything and makes it fit without a die shop behind them.
    It seems like anything we bring home doesn't fit or needs "tweaking". From fireplace screens to cabinet handles just about everything goes to work and gets fixed. Those engine guards are the worst, it just takes one jig to be off and the hole is not quite right.
    Keep trying, you will get it on eventually.

  11. mgzbrz

    I have gone through the same hell with ebay. My sissy bar required about four trips to the hardware store and a lot of persuasion. Plus the welds on it were ground like (at) $$ so they have grind marks under the chrome, I am strongly considering taking it to work, filling in all the perosity in the welds, regrinding it, and rechroming it.

    And when I ordered my crash bars I had the same problems. I ordered the two piece bars and they took some good pulling and pushing to get all four holes line up. Once I got it all lined up it was okay. I didn't have any problems with my windshield/mounting hardware. So I dunno what to tell you.

    I doubt your frame isn't square though! Considering I had the same thing.


  12. micg10

    if you want parts for your pride and joy i would go to a yamaha dealer that way you know what your getting. don't forget, you spend big dollars to buy the bike in the first place so you want quality accessaries for it!
    cheers mick


    Well I feel a little better now that Im not the only one out there with issues. Today I planned on going back out to the garage and going another round with the bike, but all the rain we are getting is threatening my basement. So today I've battling the high water issue! I guess Ive learned that saving a little cash on aftermarket is not worth all the headache. Hopefully later this week I'll be able to get back out there

  14. wzdartan

    I ordered the "Yamaha Big Bars" for my bike when I purchased it new off of the showroom floor. I had to invent a new wrestling position to get them to fit correctly. All of these things are manufactured on jigs. With the bikes all being slightly different, and the jigs being slightly different, it equals up to slight mismatches more often than perfect fits. I will usually try to work with something if it is within reason. If I can tell it is so far off that it will take major modifications to make it fit...I send it back.


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