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I fixed that!!!! Not so hot now.

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  1. Zoom181

    I know that it's not exactly stylin' but it keeps my legs from getting really hot. I made a crotch protector or crotch cooler as it is also called. Now that summer is here and we are experiencing mid to high 90's I needed something to help with the heat off my bike. My inner thighs were always burning and now they only get warm.

    I also took the sheep skinned gel pad that I used to help with the stock seat and placed the gel pad part inside my seat, much better for not worrying about someone stealing it. I still use the sheepskin part and roll it up and throw it in my bags when I am away from the bike.

    Here's pics of my crotch cooler. IT REALLY HELPS! It can be taken on and off in a minute tops.


  2. 9Sdarz

    I hope you have some heat tape under the exhaust side on the underside of the cover.

  3. Zoom181

    Nope, I don't. When riding it doesn't get against the pipes actually, it blows outward. It does relax against the heat guard when I stop but it is leather and hasn't done a thing to it. Of course I will continue to keep an eye on it but I don't think I am gonna have any problems with it. I got this idea from Capt-Itch. He makes them for Harleys. If Harleys can have them, so can my Yammy! LOL

  4. VTvinChic

    As long as it's full leather (not that bonded stuff), you should be alright. We rest our chaps against them all the time without issue, so I don't see why that wouldn't work well.

    Good thinking, Zoom181! However, if your 950 is running that hot (I see you have the airbox & exhaust mods), be sure to check your plugs to make certain you're not running too lean. A FMS may be in order to bring operating temps back down. Disregard this comment if you have lowers installed.

  5. Zoom181

    VTChic, yes I do have lowers installed but not sure why that would make a difference, can you explain? I do remember the bike was always hot before we did the airbox and exhaust mods so I don't think it is the mods that are causing it but I can't be 100% sure. Actually when I ride with my legs down flat footed on the floor boards it isn't nearly as noticable and not hard to endure but when I put my legs up on my highway bars the heat rises and gets to me pretty quick, that's when my inner thighs and bottom of my upper back legs get very uncomfortable. The leather protector I made has really made a difference.

    I agree if a full leather is used it should do fine and it is a very good quality piece of full leather so that is why I'm not concerned.

  6. VTvinChic

    I would be inclined to think the bike is fine and operating at near the same temp as pre-lowers. You are just not getting the full benefit of the wind where you once had circulation.

    In other words - your lowers are keeping the thighs warm. Good in cool weather, not so good in hot.

  7. Zoom181

    Awwww, I gotcha, hadn't thought of that but yeah, I bet you are right! Thinking about that, having the lowers and then putting my legs up on my highway pegs is like boxing the airbflow in and it has no choice but to come up toward my legs...

  8. Mondj

    Wish I could experience a hot crotch. Haven't had one in 20 years.

  9. yhoower

    I was wondering when someone would go there Mondj.

  10. rekkae3

    So much for the full Mondj

  11. Mondj

    I was wondering when someone would go there Mondj....

    Leave it to an old fart like me.

  12. Mondj

    So much for the full Mondj...

    You got that right, Reggae. How are you doing in your new abode? Do you miss Key West?

  13. recumpendpop

    I have a set of these I won't ride without them in the summer.

    Nothing better than a Dry Butt............

  14. MorkKW


    For summer riding.....
    Those "Beadriders" were, by a huge margin, the preferred seat mod found on the bikes (all Harleys) that departed from Key West early Sunday morning on the long awaited Hoka Hey Challenge, a wild and crazy 7,000 mi endurance adventure from here to Homer, AK....$500k to the rider who arrives first. I made it a point to ask several riders and was given similar answers about it it keeping their backside more comfortable and dry as the air circulates in between each of the beads. Some said they swear by them.

    Take care....and stay safe.

  15. cbdklowal

    I saw these at Sturgis last time I went. I was going to buy a sheepskin cover this year, but maybe I'll go with the beads instead. I've sat on a bead pad on a car seat and it was pretty great I gotta say.

  16. loscayun

    one of the guys I ride with has a Plexiglas shields that blocks the heat from coming up on the legs

  17. rekkae3

    Yea Mondj I do miss some things about Key West but nice and quiet instead of a few thousand tourist party has something going for it too. And I have tons of great riding road here
    From Morg "Some said they swear by them."
    Those are the same riders that swear by Harley's too :P


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