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  1. Charles51

    I purchased another Yamaha this time it's a 2009 white 1300. My 2007 Silverado has 31000 miles on her.
    The 1300 will be getting Leatherlyke 627 bags, Memphis Shades Batwing and Cobra fatty freeway bar.

    Anyone going to Americade?

  2. chaser38

    Congratulations on your new bike. I hope you have many fun and rewarding rides on her. Post some pix when you get it fixed up. I would be anxious to see it when you have it "Parade-Ready".

  3. SemberFiDavk

    Congrats on the bike !

  4. VstarKid15

    Congrats on the bike! I'm also getting a 2009, just trying decide between the Raven and Pearl White... What made you go with the white?

  5. yhoower

    Congrats on the new bike. Enjoy and ride safe.

  6. Charles51

    It looks so much different then my black 650, I think it reminds me of The Long Ranger. Man if that does not age date a person. He was the good guy some time ago.


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