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  1. 1855rider

    I traded my V Star 650 Classic in on a V Star 950 this past Saturday, I trully loved the 650 and was concerned if I had made the right decision ...untill I drove the 950 home. All I can say is WOW - what a great bike ( I should have expected it, since it is a Yamaha ). I am so impressed with the handling and feel of the Bike and looking forward to outfitting her. No second quessing...I made the right decision and although I shall miss my 650 ... I love my new ride

  2. karnal49

    Congratulations on the purchase! I test rode a friend's 650 and was sold on buying one, but came across my 950 at a steal of a price - and I'm so happy; what's not to love? Fuel Injection, low seat, belt drive... all pluses in my book!

  3. Zoom181

    Congrats on your purchase 1855rider, I also gave up my 650 Classic for my 950 T and I have never regretted it. I totally love my 950.

  4. IADawe

    Another former 650 owner here. I tried to keep both bikes, but it was just too easy to spend money on new parts for both of them, so the 650 found a new owner.

    The 950 is leaps and bounds ahead of the 650 as for comfort and handling. You're gonna have many happy miles on it. Congrats

  5. zmogejyoe

    Congrats on the 950!

  6. SemberFiDavk

    Congrats on the 950 !

  7. BikRet

    Congrats on the purchase, ride safe.

  8. 4mrAkankmpr

    At least you didn't upgrade from a 650 to a 950 via totalling the former like I did- totally involuntarily, I assure you!

  9. 1855rider

    Thanks to all for your replys. The games begin, Yesterday I ordered a windshield and highway bars

  10. Goadlocger69

    Thanks to all for your replys. The games begin, Yesterday...

    And so begins the REAL cost of buying a new motorcycle

  11. Bikerider50

    I know the feeling. I bought my 950 in August and have a little over 5000 miles on it. Seems there's always one more little item I want to add (i.e. Mustang seat, chrome swing arm covers, lowers, risers...LOL). I just ordered the risers this week so I haven't really installed those yet, can't wait to get them.

    But I am not gonna mess with the pipes nor the FI. It runs and sounds just fine to me.


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