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Hyper Charger Jetting

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  1. Daizj

    I am new and my nickname is Daizj (not a female)
    my questions are,
    I am about to put on Pro R hyper and have Jadine slip ons, according to some sites people say that the supplied jets are incorrect. can someone please enlighten me.

    2nd, I am thinking of removing the baffles from my slipons if I can will this greatly reduce the back pressure thus affecting the power and how can i over come this.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ravhite

    The jet kit that comes with the HC is notorious for not getting the job done correctly (been there). The Barons kit is much better and easier to get dialed in. The HC will not be easy to jet because of the butterfly intake, it requires some time and tinkering but once done they are a good system.

    For the exhaust, I would suggest installing torque cones to gain back the torque you will loose from removing the baffles.

  3. Daizj

    I bought a barons jet kit as well



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