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how to remove V Star stickers

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  1. marcemarc425

    hey all, any advice on how to remove the v star sticker on the side of the 950? i believe its the panel you can unlock to remove the seat. see, its been a while, i hate winter! i am a little old school and hate stickers, don't worry, i am proud of the make, that's just the thing, made so good, even the sticker. doesn't look like it will just peel off without damaging the paint, any help would be appreciated. thanks

  2. HenrjD

    A blow dryer to heat them up, a good fingernail or something that is stiff enough to use to peel the sticker but not enough to scratch the paint. WD-40 spray is also pretty good to use as well.

    (I actually used a razorblade to skim along under the sticker, but was SUPER DUPER careful with it, so I don't suggest that for everyone.)

  3. fiwezdrinkmatnezz

    Heat 'em up and get a fingernail under one corner like Henry said, then use some fishing line to peel the rest off. I used a little gasoline to get rid of the glue residue but that crap is too expensive to waste anymore. Go with the WD-40

  4. TimRato

    This would't happen to work for the ones on the tank as well would it???

    As in these...

  5. yhoower

    My plan is to leave the sticker on and buy the chrome replacement covers.

  6. fiwezdrinkmatnezz

    This would't happen to work for the ones on the tank as well would it??? As in these...
    Yep, sure will.

  7. TimRato

    You just made my day.

  8. marcemarc425

    so i take it the sticker is not clear coated over?

  9. HenrjD

    The pin striping is coated over on the tank, the rear fender sticker, the tank warning sticker, the engine guard sticker and the bumpers/plastics under the rear seat are not.

  10. Shebhertezz

    Your question comes up alot on the forum. Here's a link to a thread with lots of advice: New Pipes On

    TimRato, I took my tank and engine guard stickers (and my husband's) off with an old credit card and blowdryer. Worked beautifully. My husband's stickers had been one for a year.) See my comments in the link above.


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