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How to remove rear fender?

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  1. pillj1

    Hello Everyone,

    I've just purchased an 1100 Silverado and in order to transport it home, I need to remove the rear fender. Can anyone tell me the location of the nuts/bolts that need to be removed in order to get the fender off? Do both seats need to be removed? Can I keep the factory saddle bags attached or do I need to remove them first?

    Thanks !

  2. adomzdvinz

    It would just be easier to get a longer trailer or more straps. If not, the bags, brackets for the bags, and seats need to be removed and the wires need to be disconnected. That is about it.

  3. quicgmicg

    fender removal is a snap.

    1.) remove seat
    2.) undo the wiring harness plug that is under the seat
    3.) remove the bags - if you have them
    3.) remove rear pillion if installed - remove rear fender nut
    4.) remove the 4 eyebrow bolts on the sides of the fender

    ....that takes all of 10 minutes (15 minutes with bags).

    (Voice if experience...I customized a Classic rear fender to fit my custom...had it on and off WAY too many times to count)

  4. pillj1

    Thanks for your help ! I'm towing the bike with a 40"X92" UHaul trailer ( and a Honda Accord. I can't get a bigger trailer because the next size they have is a 5'x8' (too much weight for Accord to handle). The dimensions I have for the bike is 97" long, so I figure removing the fender would give me at least 5".

  5. retzdaret

    Maybe you should use the bike to pull the car??


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