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How nice of a bike is the V Star 1100 Custom?

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  1. hadada

    In terms of looks? And being a bike someone would keep for a while? I realize this is totally not a factual based question as opinions vary but just trying to get an idea of how cool it looks in person. Is it retro? sporty? hot rod looking?

  2. vgink18054

    Not sure about the custom, but i would not even think of getting rid of my classic. the vstars are great bikes

  3. chilibebber

    One of my sons has the classic. It is a very nice looking bike and the lines flow nicely. I have looked at the customs and they are nice looking bikes as well. While I, on a personal note, like the classic style, I think the sportier custom is a nice looking bike as well.
    I believe these bikes will hold a style line for years to come as well.

  4. Jonezpoj

    I'd put the 1100 custom in the hotrod class.......... forward controls, bobed rear fender, ect...

  5. quicgmicg

    In terms of looks, the Custom looks a lot like a lot of other bikes on the market.

    Here is what I like about the V Star in general...

    +1 for the rear suspension that gives it the hard tail look
    +1 for the ease of lowering the bike
    +1 for the availability of aftermarket parts to turn it into a hotrod, retro, sporty looking bike or any other configuration you might come up with.
    +1 for the size of the gas tank. I just LOVE the looks of a big tank
    +1 for the price out of the box

    And the Custom in particular

    +1 for the rear fender which looks great after removing all the black plastic stuff
    +1 for the sleeker front forks which make the gas tank look bigger.

    To be honest, I probably would have bought any of the V Star models (so many parts are interchangeable that with a little effort, you could turn your Custom into a Classic if you really wanted to).

    I got my Custom used... it was sitting on the show room floor....had the words "Sick Boy" written on the rear fender where the Yamaha sticker used to be. My buddy said..."Hey Mick!, this one has your name on it"... he was right. I rode out on it the next day.

    I agree that it is probably a little more hot rod in appearance, with some retro bobber mixed in.

    Paint it flat black, add some red and white pinstripes and bolt on some 14" ape hangers along with a 6 degree rake kit, longer fork tubes...and you'd really have a retro hotrod.

  6. mcurrj1

    Lets see some pics of the "sick boy", mick.

  7. quicgmicg

    Lets see some pics of the "sick boy", mick.
    LOL..thanks for reminding me to take some pics....I'm the world's worst at doing that....

    I'm on it!!!

  8. richarth

    +1 for the size of the gas tank. I just LOVE the looks of a big tank
    The large tank on the v-star kind of threw me off when I first rode one. I have been use to riding one of my Dads Harleys (went on a 3000 mile 10 day rode trip last summer with it) with a more skinny tank.

    I am use to it now though and it feels normal.

    It is kind of funny how you get use to your bike and everything else feels awkward.

    I still want to try a bike one of these days with outrageously high ape bars.


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