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How much time do you spend ON your bike.

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  1. Cabri103

    I recently took my new Road Star in for its 4000 mile maintenance check and the service guy was somewhat amazed "You have 4000 miles on the bike in less than 3 months, we get a lot of bikes in here that don't have 4000 miles in 2 years" Huh? You get a bike you ride it, at least that has been my procedure. I'll be putting another 3000 miles on it next month during a tour of the South East.
    Got me to wondering tho, How much do you other guys ride? Does the bike sit idle in the garage a lot? Is it something fun to ad mods and bling to but rarely gets out on the road? Is it something you just ride around town or ride across the country with? How many miles do you average in a month/year?
    Just idle thoughts, Have a great, safe day, I'm off for a ride!


  2. ylzhooder

    I ride every chance I get. Even if it's just to and from work during the week. If I don't put 13,000 miles on in a season, I'm not happy with myself.

  3. kamezbanger

    I ride mostly around town.

    With my family responsibilities I don't really do any touring yet.

    I think I rode about 4K last year. But all I really was riding was to and from work (26 milesround trip).

    This year the weather has sucked so far and I have not ridden too much at all...but that time of year is here...

    If you were to keep your average you would have 60k miles on a five year old bike. Most people on here are not running that many miles a year...but keep in mind you are in FL and will have twice the riding season than many of them too.

    I know Morg KW and JuzdSdewe put some heavy miles on theirs per year but I am not sure about the rest of the regulars.

  4. Cabri103

    The time that I back off riding is during the HOT months of the summer, July, August, September. I'm an ATGATT guy so riding in 90+ degree weather with humidity about the same is not a whole lot of fun.

  5. yhoower

    Not enough! But the weather in MN is starting to get better so hopefully that will change.

  6. LozdDok

    Not enough!

    Bought new 1/31/09 and have around 14,500 miles on it, still not enough tho!

  7. Cute desireX

    I ride every chance I get to and from work and we take week end rides of anywhere from 150 to 250 miles. Nice little ride out somewhere grab a bite to eat and ride back home.

    I have a coworker that has an 07 VSTAR 650 she bought new in 07 she has a whopping 250 miles on it in almost 3 years.

  8. cazilwer

    I try to ride every chance I get . I bought this bike in mid January 2010, and have over 5000 miles on her. So far, I have only one multi-day trip, which was up the coast to Monterey, but several day long trips, and of course the short trips just because.

    It always used to amaze me to hear about several year old bikes with 1000 miles or something like that, but I guess it's rather common.

    I remember when I got my first bike, I thought I wouldn't reach the 600 mile service for something like two months... two weeks later, I was back at the dealer for that service, he just smiled and shook his head, he said something like, "well, obviously, you're enjoying your bike - that's a good thing!"

    I'm still enjoying my bike

  9. cowenandranch

    Bought my Strat in May of '08, 15k+ on the clock now. Weather and illness have prevented additional mileage.

  10. wlc587

    bought mine end of April 09 and put almost 5k on it last year. this year will be a lot more b/c we actually have some trips planned!!

    That is if the weather is ever decent...

  11. 4mrAkankmpr

    Bought my bike on May 2, 2008, have almost 19K on the odometer, and the only long trips so far have been to Waco and back and to Oklahoma City and back, and that was in the summer and before I got my Corbin seat. I intend to venture further afield this year.

  12. yhennlj

    Like some of the others have mentioned, not enough. I've mostly been riding to school and back, low miles. This semester is over, so I hope to catch some of these nice days before it gets too hot. When it's hot,I'll ride anyway, I'll just have to go lots faster to stay cool.

  13. YASZ970

    Other then rain or snow,everyday to work. the truck has lees miles than the bike.truck is for pulling the boat

  14. ihswinney92

    my boyfriend bought his vtx 1800 1/28/09. we put 19,000 miles first year. 4500 of it was a trip we made from wisconsin to yellowstone and back in 10 days. in a few weeks we will take another trip from Bham to the dragon and from there to wisconsin, to see my stepson,.

  15. SemberFiDavk

    Got my bike in Aug 09 . Ride to work and weekends , have 4,800 miles on it .

  16. RacnRose48

    I have a 07 1300, I bought new in June 08, & I have over 37,000 on her. I Love the ride..Rac..

  17. PDXScodd

    Feb 09 to Feb 10, I put 7,500 on my Stratoliner. That was my first year owning any motorcycle! With some light experience under my belt, I think I'll be over 10,000 miles in 2010. I have a trip to Montana and California on my radar.

    Scott T

  18. kamezbanger

    we have some real riders out there. I am really impressed and feel a little guilty! OK...going for a ride tonight!

    Everything is so close for me around here that a ride to the store only racks up 3 miles and work is only 13 miles away. my wife works opposite shift so I am either watching kids or catching up with her...I am at a new place in my life where she comes riding has dropped a little.

  19. Goadlocger69

    I ride around 5 miles to work pretty much everyday. I ride because I enjoy riding, I don't enjoy riding in the rain. I don't ride if there is a really good chance or raining or if there is some precipitation and the temps are going below 30 degrees. Weekends I put on between 100-200 miles. I've had the bike since January 2009 and just now reaching 8000 miles.

    In January I had a little over 6000 miles and was having my rear tire replaced. The owner of the shop said there were people who were surprised I put that many miles on in only a year. I thought it was a little less than average personally.

  20. TheGoltj

    I put on average 150 miles per week on mine if I'm only riding to and from work. If I go on a ride on the weekend, add another couple hundred miles. I've had the bike since the end of December '08 and went over 12,000 miles a couple of weeks ago. I'm apparently doing a lot more riding these days. When I had my V-Star 650, it took me 4 years to get 24,000 miles on it. And people I ride with were surprised I had that many miles in that short a time. I guess a lot of people are weekend warriors on their bikes and don't do long distances even then. Me, I'll put several hundred miles on in a day and not think twice about it.


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