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  1. bazdorrop1

    OK, Riding season is almost here. How many miles do you have on your bike? How many miles do you think you'll ride this year?

    I have an 06 V* 1100 with 7000 miles on it. ( I bought it with no miles in March of 07)

    I'll be disappointed if I don't add 10,000 to her this year.

  2. chilibebber

    Like you, I put 7K on mine last year and plan on putting 10K on this year.

  3. yoyo

    i put 55,000 miles on my 05 vstar 1100 custom. got it brand new and its my frist bike.

  4. yajare

    i put 55,000 miles on my 05 vstar 1100 custom....

    WOW ......... sorta of puts my 21,000 on my 06 roadstar to shame now doesn't it. I guess I will just have to get more "practicing" in this year.

  5. bazdorrop1

    yoyo that's awesome. I assume you ride year round.

  6. khunder102

    Only 4,700 on my '05 V* Classic, bought new in spring '06. Probably get in another 2-3k this year. But, I work from home, so no daily commute...

  7. milfcruizer

    7 months and 9000 miles here in upstate new york!!!..we start real riding here in april and might get lucky to ride in november.....and that 9000 miles is dodging rain drops too....i ride six days a week, you have to around here cuz our weather sucks!!!...get it in while you can!!

  8. Jonezpoj

    Ride year round here, but only get in between 7,500 to 8,500 a year. Plan to ride out to see my son in Colorado this year, so maybe additional 2,500 for a round trip.

  9. Kremer901

    With gas prices where they are at right now I feel guilty everytime I drive my truck. I HATE THAT!!!!!!!! But never on my bike!!!!!Only got 550 miles on the 08 raider. I plan on putting about 4-5 thousand by next year and maybe more. Im gonna eat as many bugs as I can this summer

  10. Pavbj

    I had 13,500 on my '05 VTX 1300, but I didn't buy it until April of 06. I traded it on Dec. 31, 2007, for my new Raider. Is that a lot? I don't really know, I just know I like to ride. I just want to ride my Raider. Every day, always, constantly, forever, no matter what.
    Yep, I'm a dummass.

  11. 2VMAXMige

    I have almost 9000 on my 06 Vmax. It would have been more except for a Work injury that has keep me off it for 5 months. I hope to get back on it real soon.

  12. N2cr7zharg

    2.5k on my 07 1100 Classic since 7/7/07 when I got it new. Figure around 10k on it this year. Already have the first 1.5k mapped out with a trek to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Dragon with a few pals in May.

  13. yoyo

    yoyo that's awesome. I assume you ride year round....

    living in AZ helps out alot my wife dosnt like to ride with me because i dont have a sisybar. so i dont get to ride as much as i would like to. but my next bike will have one, so she will have no excuses.

  14. Bulltok

    How many miles do you have on your bike? How...

    My answer, not enough and not enough!

  15. vgink18054

    bought my 07 vstar 1100 classic silverado in october of 07 it had 4 miles on it.
    it now has 1400 mileson it and i plan to get all i can this year. but i am a otr truck driver and only get to ride when i am home.

  16. rocgman

    just looked and ive got 7776. when i bought it this past Oct it had 4200

  17. fupar

    I have put 800 miles on my bike since I got it in mid February.

    I'll probably put 4,000 miles on it by the end of the year.

  18. wzdarcoach

    Put 4700 miles on my 2000 v-star. Bought it last may. I just got back from a 350 mile round trip, so the summer has started out great

  19. meche

    8500 on my V*13 since last June, when I purchased new. Put a total of 11,500 on last season, if you include the 3000 on the 650 I sold for the 13. That had 6500 on it between 06 and 07. Not bad for a newb, I'd say. I want to put my 13 over 20k this year.

  20. Pavbj

    I had 13,500 on my Honda VTX 1300 in 18 months, and I traded it on my Raider on December 31, 2007. Since the weather here has sucked so much, I've only got 300 miles on the Raider. I know, it makes you wanna stick toothpicks in your eyeballs. WTF can I do? Kinda makes ya wanna puke. Aw hell, spring is a comin, ain't it?


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