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  1. MizzA

    OK guys,
    Just curious-----What is the top speed that your Raider has gone? We got up to 115 mph and that was plenty fast enough. Also, I am confused about the horsepower rating. Does anybody know the real hp for the Raider?

  2. retzdarraiter

    there are posts about h.p. ratings here. just do a search. ive had my RAIDER up to 115 and it was plenty scary. just thinking of that little 18" rear tire spinning sooo fast. thats probably the last time i will do that though, 85 is fast enough for me.

  3. SFCRicg

    I've had mine to 140 give or take, Cycleworld tested the Raider at 88hp on the Dyno. My local Dyno showed 79hp, but they are notorious for posting lower numbers across the board for every bike by 8-10hp.

    Edited to add, Even though I saw 140mph on the speedo, it's a known fact that they show more than the actual speed by a few miles an hour.

  4. oilmanuza

    With all my goodies, mine dynoed, here in Colorado at 98hp with 117ft. of torque. Like one has always said, every dyno will tell you something different, so take what you hear with a grain of salt. Somewhere around 90hp is a good honest answer.

  5. MizzA

    Thanks for the replies. I agree that it can go way toooo fast.

  6. kamezbanger

    From searching the forum I see that it is anywhere from 120-140 mph...which is way to fast anyway.

  7. Hunejpe1

    I know but doesn't it just give you goose bumps knowing it is possible...........Just in case...................

  8. kamezbanger

    i've done 115 mph on my Kawasaki Vulcan 750...a cruiser, and it was not fun.

    My 1100 topped out around 110 mph.

    My Stratty has only hit 100 mph once. I have no idea what it tops out at...100 mph was not uncomforatble compared to the others becasue of the windshield I guess. It had a lot of goose left. I am guessing they top out close to the same with the Raider taking a slight advantage on top end.

    Doesn't matter really...if you are worried about speed, get a V-max.

  9. tawedhehuman

    I had us at shave over 120.

  10. zaldjtok36

    I know this thing is fast but I would like to see how much it could pull. I wonder if they could have a bike division in the tractor pulls? I mean the thing feels just like riding a two wheeled tractor to me anyway.

  11. macrozzfan

    All I know is that my Raven Raider is faster then the other colors....way faster. lol.

  12. JrdheFreag

    Top speed and crusier bikes don't go together. If you want something fast get a crotch-rocket. Had my R1 over 160 numerous times...

    The Raider is about style, comfort and leaving the occasional Hardley in the dust from time to time.

  13. puzderyaj

    So one night while riding back from San diego to riverside about 2 am, the freeway was clear and i decided to open her up!!

    my buddy was riding next to me on a Busa.

    I hit 125 and was scary as $hit... he passed me up but it was plenty fast enough for me. My average riding speed is 80+ and i now have 24k miles on my 08 raider and its running strong!!


  14. Wzdar169

    Top speed and crusier bikes don't go together. If you want something fast get a crotch-rocket. Had my R1 over 160 numerous times...The Raider is about style, comfort and leaving the occasional Hardley in the dust from time to time.
    Well said!

    I talk to guys all the time who tell me how fast their V twin powered bike is. When you ask them what else they have had it is usually another V twin, or this is my first bike. One or the other. Anyone that has ridden one of a hundred other, different bikes will not be bragging about how fast the Raider is, or any V twin for that matter. It might be fast for a Twin. Speed is relative, all bikes are slow compared to the Space Shuttle for example, tho you might win in a 1/4 standing start contest. But top speed, no.

    Disclaimer, V twin not including anything built by Ducati, KTM, or a V twin crotch rocket. I'm talking cruiser type bikes when I say that.

    I love blowing off the big V twin boys, even better when they find out it is a 25 year old bike with 1/2 to 2/3rds the displacement.

  15. retzdarraiter

    OH. very interesting.

  16. Suzhipiger

    Top speed and crusier bikes don't go together. <snip>
    I disagree. The whole purpose of the new "muscle cruiser" or "power cruiser" class of bikes is to produce a class of bikes that are closer in performance to crotch rockets, yet have a greater sense of style, and are still fit for medium distance cruising.

    Notice that I didn't say "match or exceed" the performance of crotch rockets. These new bikes are kind of like SUV's- they perform a variety of functions very well but don't perform any one of those functions perfectly. Rice rockets on the other hand, perform a single function- speed, which they excel at. They have no sense of style because form follow function, they all look alike, and they are not built for medium or long distance riding. 2-up riding is an afterthought.

    Some of the most powerful tupperware rockets of recent years top out at 185 mph, in their stock, governed form.

    The Warrior can make 125-130 in stock trim, and can easily make 140 mph with very minor upgrades. I've had mine up to 115 mph, and it had plenty of grunt left. I consider that "competitive". They are also quick off the line in the 1/8th mile, and CAN compete with 600 and 750cc rockets in the 1/8th mile, afterwhich they get left behind. The Raider is even more powerful, but I'm not sure what the gearing does to it's top end, and 1/8th and 1/4 mile performance.

    On top of this, the Warrior has an all aluminum frame, and the suspension is based on the R1, with inverted forks. This enables the bike to hang with the tupperware rockets in the twisties instead of getting left behind like an Ultra Classic full dresser. The Raider also handles extremely well, although I've been told that the stock exhaust drags during extreme cornering.

    Like the ad said: "For those can commit to neither cruiser or sportbike". That's why I bought the Warrior, because I wanted it all, but didn't want to spend the coin on a VMAX while I'm in the process of buying and selling a house.

  17. Wzdar169

    I pretty much agree with everything your wrote, except your "definition" of fast. So, it is competitive with bikes with less than half the displacement, but only for the first 1/8 mile after which they will run off and leave you. That, in my opinion is not competitive at all.

    If I climb to the top of a 6 foot step ladder I am CLOSER to the moon. But, that doesn't mean I am really anywhere near it.

    There is a big gap between 115-125 mph or 130 mph and 180+ There is probably an even bigger gap between 180 and 200 plus. I suppose if you want to call 125 mph fast, then yes the Raider/Warrior is a fast bike. I think the strong suit of the V twin motor is the torque, or the low end grunt and pulling power. The Yamaha's excel at that! If you are looking for TOP speed, you bought the wrong bike. If you want some style, comfort, ability to haul a passenger, etc, then maybe you bought the right bike. Just don't go racing any crotch rockets bigger than 600 cc's and you will be the fastest bike on your block that say Yamaha on the tank. good to go.

    Like my buddy with the Harley used to ask:

    What did the snail say riding on the back of the turtle?


  18. tocdorvho

    My 2 cents is you're both right. At the Dragon, I was able to fend off a (probably) 600 CBR behind me. He could catch up to me on some of the longer turns (the tight ones no one can go fast) but I would smoke him coming out...I mean embarassingly smoke him. We kind of did the rubber band thing for a few miles with him getting closer during the turn and me pulling away out of the turn. I'm sure he was a little surprised that he couldn't keep up with this big criuser in front of him. Mean, roaring, thundering cruiser. But the 12.6 or so seconds the Raider does in the 1/4 mile is impressive for a big, heavy V Twin bike. You leave out the fact that while the crotch rockets are half the displacement, they are also half the weight. And either way, they are not the same. I don't think anyone here has said they think their Raider is the fastest bike out there...just that it is fast for a cruiser...really fast compared to most.


  19. popcad

    i agree with doc 100%

  20. Wzdar169

    OK guys,Just curious-----What is the top speed that your Raider has gone? We got up to 115 mph and that was plenty fast enough. Also, I am confused about the horsepower rating. Does anybody know the real hp for the Raider?
    Top speed was the question.

    Comparing your run through some curves against an unknown bike with a rider of an unknown skill level, and then saying you have a fast bike because you managed to stay ahead of him is making a lot of assumptions, in my opinion.

    My John Deere tractor is faster than the Raider if you leave out the fact that in fact it isn't.

    I will ask this question of the last two posters.

    What were the last two bikes that you owned? OWNED not rode.


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