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How do you know when to change fuel filter?

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  1. fromohiouza

    The Clymer book says after 20K miles.

    My bike feels like it is bogging down sometimes when I'm in the 65MPH range. Other times it feels fine. It's like that feeling you get when you are driving on a windy day. It's like that short burst of wind that pushes back against you.

    I was curious if this might be a fuel filter thing.

    I am at 7K miles.

    I cleaned the air filter. I may replace it anyway and I'm thinking about the seafoam but I was curious if a fuel filter change wouldn't hurt just to rule it out.

  2. Snufftokk

    Sure wouldn't hurt, especially with the cheap fuel we get these days.

    Ride Safe

  3. MigejCojode

    I change mine every year. I put about 10,000 kms on but change it anyway, why wait for it to clog up. Your problems sure sound like a plugged filter.


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